Rift: Sneak Peek at the Empyreal Assault

TIME :2022-07-03


Update 2.3 not only marks the day that Rift is going free-to-play, but also brings plenty of new content to the fantastical world. Empyreal Assault, as the mini-expansion is called, adds a breath of fresh air to the roleplaying game and is bound to have something for everyone. From single-player dungeons to massive raids, this update undoubtedly expands the dynamic planet of Telara.

On top of a little preview about the changing business model, we have also gathered some information on what you can expect come June 12th. Check out the following list to see if there is anything you would be interested in:

Free-to-play and new stuff? Count us in.

Grim Awakening

Upon entering this Sliver, you get to see an alternate reality that gives you insight on what would have happened to Kingsward if demons and infernal soldiers had won the battle and taken over the zone. Fight Salvarola, Prince Kaliban and Ultane, the devil himself. Make sure to bring your friends, as this instanced raid requires 10 experienced players.

Queen's Gambit

Other than Grim Awakening, this is a Chronicle and designed for one or two people rather than a whole raid. In this story-driven instance, you need to stop Mistress Inrya and her acolytes from taking over - a task that could decide the never-ending fight between good and evil.


According to an official statement, these multi-tiered towers seem to pose a very unique challenge to new players and veterans alike. Depending on the mission at hand, you will need up to 70 people to defeat all invaders and end the battle victoriously. It looks like Strongholds will also require a bit of physical exercise, all in form of tricky jumping puzzles.

Weekly Raid Quests

Once Update 2.3 goes live next week, there will be raid bosses scattered all across the planet. Out in the open world, ruthless monsters will have to be fought in dynamic events and taken down - either to finish a weekly quest or complete an achievement. If you manage to slay these creatures, you might be getting your hands on some sweet loot that would otherwise only be found in a raid situation. Keep in mind that these events scale - the more people there, the harder the challenge!


Most of the new content will take place in this humongous zone. Even though this part of the virtual world is full of raids, dungeons and dynamic events, most of the fun happens in the city of Hailol - a city filled with booze and fit for rascals. Without a doubt, Dendrome is the center of this update.