Plants vs. Zombies 2: Defeat Level 30 of Big Wave Beach

TIME :2022-07-03
Big Wave Beach

Big Wave Beach

Level 30 of the Big Wave Beach definitely falls under the “really hard” category, though it’s not quite as bad as level 28. If anything, this stage is somewhat more chaotic and requires quick thinking and reflexes, at least in the approach we took! The goal of the level is to protect the five Guacodiles in the very left row. Luckily, these plants shoot projectiles, which is particularly helpful in the beginning of the level.

We recommend you equip yourself with Twin Sunflowers, Sun-Shrooms, Iceberg Lettuce, Lightning Reeds, Lily Pads, Bowling Bulbs, and Banana Launchers. You will face the standard zombies as well as Surfer, Snorkel, Octo, and Fishermen Zombies. During the third of a total of four waves of zombies, you will face the Deep Sea Gargantuar.

Plant one Sun-Shroom right away, followed by three Twin Sunflowers. As soon as the first wave of zombies arrives, plant an Iceberg Lettuce and use a green leaf to freeze all of your enemies. In that time, plant one or two Lightning Reeds and another Twin Sunflower. Make sure to quickly collect as much sunlight as possible, as the first Fisherman Zombie will appear soon thereafter.

This is what our setup looked like towards the end of the level.

For the rest of the level, we recommend using the special ability of the Iceberg Lettuce every once in a while, as well as the special power of the Banana Launcher. We definitely lost quite a few plants here and there, because our timing was a little off. Whenever you lose a Sunflower, make sure to replant it. Having four to five Twin Sunflowers will guarantee that you always have enough Sunlight to plant new Banana Launchers.

Try to have at least four of these powerful plants at all times. Also, don’t forget to save one green leaf for the third wave of zombies as you will need to give it to the Iceberg Lettuce in order to freeze the Deep Sea Gargantuar.