Godus Strategy Guide: 11 Great Tips That Will Help You Play God the Right Way

While the name “Godus” may sound a bit off-beat, it actually isn’t. Think of the name as a combination of the words “God” and “us,” because the goal of this very interesting mobile game is to play God in the best way possible. With the touch of your smartphone or tablet screen, you can make your own unique world, gain the devotion of Followers, build your own civilization over time, from the primitive era to the rise of humanity, and do a whole lot more. Indeed, this is your chance to play God, and we’ve got a whole lot of tips that can help you do just that and gain a significant advantage in the game. So with that said, here’s our Godus strategy guide, with 11 useful tips included.

1. Get More Diamonds The Easy Way

Diamonds are the most essential resource you can gather in Godus. You can use this currency to finish structures faster and place gifts on your land, and if you really want to get more diamonds without any hassle, the easiest way to go about this is to unlock the Swamp card. Once you have this power, which costs 4,000 beliefs, you can set up swamps on the Astari settlement, thus destroying them. After that, send as many followers as you want to the temple, and you’re good to go. This should result in loads of free diamonds that you can use throughout the course of the game.

2. Keep Your Workers Boosted

This should be done on a regular basis, but the good thing is that it’s very simple. Like real-life workers, workers who are down on their morale take longer to complete tasks, and in Godus’ case, these demotivated and/or tired workers will often fall asleep on you. Since you wouldn’t want to swap gems to wake up those sleeping workers, make sure you keep your workers boosted by tapping on them and choosing the Boost option.

3. The God Seed Keeps People Happy

Unhappy followers will turn on you and follow the Astari instead, and if you want to avoid this, you’ll want to make use of the God Seed once obtained. Put trees by the homes of your followers or use the Rain of Purity if available, and that way your followers would remain happy and remain devoted to you.

4. When To Use The Finger Of God?

The Finger of God, as the name implies, is a destructive force once used, but playing God doesn’t mean arbitrarily destroying structures or killing people. What you’d want to use the Finger of God for is destroying smaller, older, less productive abodes, so your followers can rebuild something larger and more impressive on that very same place.

5. Focus On Building Houses

At the start of the game, it would be best to build structures on the beach, but other than that, you should be aware of the different types of land in the game and their respective qualities. You should also construct abodes and huts on the same level in order to build a bigger population; this may require a lot of work and a lot of Beliefs, but it should definitely be worth your while. Also, be sure you’re trying to build as many homes as possible, especially in the more advanced stages of Godus.

6. Use Your Powers To Spook The Astari

This could mean any number of different things. Sculpting land, drowning Astari followers, or surrounding your settlements with water could all be very helpful in keeping the Astari out of your territory and scaring them off in the process. The Astari are quite a nefarious bunch, but if you use your powers wisely, they shouldn’t give you too many headaches in the grand scheme of things.

7. Find Treasure Chests

Be on the lookout for butterflies – this is a dead giveaway that a treasure chest is buried nearby. Just dig through several levels after clearing out the land and you’ll be able to get yourself a treasure chest of your own. It’s good practice to regularly check for new treasure chests; chests tend to re-spawn in the Godus game world, so don’t hesitate to log in regularly. You just might get lucky the next time you log in to the game after about a day or two of not playing.

8. All About The Sailing Game

Mini-games are often overlooked as unnecessary formalities that don’t mean much when it comes to the actual game’s objectives. Nothing can be more untrue. In Godus’ case, the sailing mini-games are the ones where you’ll need to do as well as possible; the best tips in these games are to take your time with the reinforcements and to be prudent when selecting followers – you don’t want to select too many. The more sailing games you win, the more stickers you’ll accumulate, thus moving you forward in the game.

9. Clearing Rocks And Trees Gets You More Beliefs

Just as simple as that – by clearing rocks and/or trees, that serves as one way you could stock up on Beliefs, especially if you’re short on them. It won’t be much, to be perfectly honest, but if it’s any consolation, the Beliefs you earn by clearing trees and rocks can allow you to give out more orders and stay in the game.

10. Time Advance Cheat For Voyages

When talking about voyages, there will be some you’ll encounter that you’d rather not go through. What you’ll have to do in this case is to go to your mobile device’s settings, move the time ahead by 24 hours, and misdirect Godus in such a way that the game will think a new day has begun, thus resetting the voyages in the process.

11. Use The Lasso Technique If Your Followers Don’t Know What To Do

You may sometimes notice that there are some followers who are simply clueless about where to go or what to do. In such an event, hold down on these “confused” followers until you see a blue circle on the display. Once you do, drag your follower to where you want them assigned, and release your finger from your phone or tablet’s screen.