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Brave Trials Cheats: 6 Quick Tips to Survive and Succeed

Brave Trials is an RPG from developer IGG, available on Android and iOS, that offers players a striking real-time combat experience as they “travel between dimensions to save the world.” The game promises that players can “play the game your way,” and that’s basically true with the 120 skills you can acquire and enhance. You can also play Brave Trials in multiple modes, including World Boss, Party Trials, Wayfaerer’s War and Arena Combat. That all said, the “fine print” on Brave Trials’ Google Play Store blurb states that you’ll need to be connected to the Internet in order to play the game. With that out of the way, let’s cut to the chase and discuss six Brave Trials cheats to survive the forces of evil and emerge triumphant in the game.

1. Quests Will Reward You With Gold And Experience

On the top right corner of your device’s display, you’ll see a Quest button, and that’s what you’ll want to tap on. It will be your best friend if you get lost in the game and don’t know what to do next, but most of all, the more quests you complete, the more gold and experience points you can earn.

2. Keep On Upgrading Your Equipment Whenever Possible

Don’t get complacent just because you’ve had some success with one weapon, no matter how basic it may be. Tap on your equipment to enhance it; you can enhance your equipment up to Level 24, and this could really be of help once you take on more difficult quests in Brave Trials.

3. Power Up Your Faes

You’ll be able to unlock fae slots as you make progress through the game, and since these are almost as important as your equipment, you’ll want to keep them in mind. They can increase your power level, so power up your faes before doing battle. There are also two ways you can level up your faes – either by using faessence, or by melding one fae with another. Not to worry, though, as you won’t just be acquiring fae slots with each level, but also faessence.

4. Use Auto Play

Once you’re at Level 5 or higher, you’ll have the option to select auto play. This would put the computer in control of the game, thus vanquishing your foes automatically and giving you a better chance of earning three stars. If you’re stuck at work or simply too lazy to go through a level, simply choose auto play and the computer will do all the dirty work for you. Of course, it’s more fun to play through a level yourself, but auto play can help when it’s available.

5. Focus on Story Quests First, Arena Quests Later

Don’t head to the arena right away even if you know you’ll be up against characters who are around your level. Instead, focus on your story quests so that way, you can level up your skills, equipment, and faes before heading to the arena.

6. Now’s The Time To Buy Gems

If you’re checking the Play Store out right now, you may have noticed that IGG is offering a special holiday deal from December 29 through January 5. The deal allows players to get a 40 percent bonus on all gem orders, so if you don’t mind ponying up a nominal fee to make an in-app purchase, there isn’t a better time to do that, as a 40 percent gem bonus is nothing to be trifled with.