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Daytona Rush Cheats: 7 Useful Tips to Help You Complete More Missions

Daytona Rush is a new stock car racing game for iOS made by Hungarian video game developer company Invictus Games. In the game you get to control a fast, powerful stock car, but instead of running a structured race like one would in real life, you’ll have to complete a number of missions and pay attention to your timing. So if you’re looking to get ahead and make it to the finish line in Daytona Rush, the following tips and tricks could be worth checking out.

1. Complete Missions To Unlock More Powerful Cars

Completing a mission earns you one bar in your experience meter; reaching three bars allows you to level up. And once you’ve reached certain levels, that will allow you to buy more powerful cars. That’s what makes it extremely important to complete your missions from start to finish.

2. Know The Different Types Of Missions

Daytona Rush features different mission types and different objectives to fulfill. The easiest missions are those where you have to complete a specific number of yards or a certain distance per race. Sometimes, distances will be cumulative, so keep this in mind as well. You’ll also be asked to overtake a certain number of cars, and since NASCAR races are notorious for all that “rubbing,” or contact between cars, you may be asked to hit a specific number of cars.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Damage When Hitting Cars

During those missions where you have to hit x number of cars, you’ll have to balance achieving your goal with making sure that you don’t exceed your damage gauge. Even if these goals are cumulative, meaning you don’t have to accomplish them in one go, pay attention to the damage gauge at all times.

4. Upgrade Your Engine

It’s very simple – with an upgraded engine, you’ll be able to reach faster top speeds and spend less on fuel. Upgrading your running gear makes it easier and faster for you to change lanes, while upgrading your body makes your car more impervious to damage. However, you’ll want to focus on those engine upgrades first and foremost, as this would be the most important in helping you complete more missions.

5. Pit Stops/Red Lanes Require Good Timing

Pay very close attention here – when you see the refueling icon, that means a pit stop is coming. Drive your car to the left lane to set up the pit stop, and leave the left lane immediately once your tank’s been filled up. Also, you should never, ever stay for over a second when using the red, leftmost lane – that’s going to get you disqualified immediately.

6. Drafting Helps You Overtaking Cars

If you drive right behind another car, this would allow you to “draft,” or gain some additional speed to help you overtake nearby cars. Be careful when doing this, as you wouldn’t want to go too fast and suffer some damage by hitting another vehicle.

7. Eliminate Swerving Cars

You’ll recognize these cars by their black/red stripe paint job – regardless of which direction you bump into them, you’ll be taking them out in any case, and earning yourself more dough, without getting any damage at all.