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Treasure Maps Explained

TIME :2022-07-03

Treasure Maps Explained

Treasure Maps are another element of chance that you can use to find extra Gear, Cores, Pieces, Gold, Materials, and Gems.

Simple steps to using the Treasure Maps

  1. Attack Monsters
  2. Get 4 Map Pieces of the same level
  3. Assemble a Map
  4. Check Your Journal for Coordinates and enemies with same Coords
  5. Port to Dig
  6. Speed Up Your Dig
  7. Repeat

3 Ways to Get a Map

Find Maps by

  1. Attacking Monsters
  2. Completing Special Events
  3. Chests in Gold Packs

Those are the only 3 ways to get maps.

Map Assembly

To put one together, you must first collect its pieces. You can currently find or create six Maps:

Just like materials, you need to combine four map pieces of the same level to create the next level of a complete map.

The steps to assembling a map are below:

Treasure Maps assembly

Treasure Maps process

Using a Map

Go to your Map Inventory > tap the Map > click Use.

This will establish a Dig Site over the hidden Treasure. It will also create a Journal Entry.

A dig site has all the same qualities as a resource tile. You have to march to it, and you are vulnerable to attack. Although, there is one major difference, you can speed up your gather time with speed up boosts.


The Journal enables you to track the status of your Dig Site. It will inform you if an ally or opponent is currently excavating on your Site (and how many) and provide the exact completion time.

Dig sites can be anywhere throughout your entire Kingdom, so you often have to port to them. Also, multiple people are given the same coords at times. Therefore, this a fantastic chance to either tile hit the enemy, or hit their Stronghold nearby. The other player will probably have their hero on the tile in order to gather faster, which will leave him/her vulnerable to a SH attack.

Dig Site

Send more Troops of higher tier to increase the efficiency of the dig. Dig time is determined by the amount of troops you send.

Two Rules:

  1. To increase dig speed > send high tier troops.
  2. To decrease dig time > send more troops.

Dig sites are slightly less risky than farming resource tiles, but don't let your guard down. All it takes is one attack for you to lose tons of troops. 

Unearthing Treasure

Once your Dig is complete, your Troops will return with Treasure, and a Dig Report will be issued. The loot will be automatically placed in your inventory. 

Treasure Maps

Dig Site Expiration

If a Dig Site is left inactive for 5 hours, it will vanish from the World Map! Dig Site expiration resets with each successful occupation. 

Useful General Information

  1. Only one set of coords per map
  2. Loot quality is strictly correlated to the level of map you assemble
  3. One guy in my alliance (Dark Bandit) had to kill 10 lvl 3 turkeys to get enough map pieces for a lvl 3 map.
  4. Killing blows have the highest chance of giving map pieces
  5. One guy in my alliance (Gunwich) did get, "a legendary chest, a haunted gauntlet, and a lvl 5 parchment" from a basic dig. So that's pretty crazy, yet extremely rare.
  6. Use T1's to excavate if u don't have the speedups - "Leo Cordova"