One Time Rallying the Wonder

TIME :2022-07-03
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Rallying The Wonder

Rallying the wonder can be tricky, and it can be very difficult to fill an entire rally full of troops. My alliance is fighting for the wonder again, and week after week we struggle to get 2,375,000 troops in the rally (Hall of War max lvl).

Communication is Key

I think it's due to a lack of communication. Our previous leader used to send out one all-alliance mail 24hrs before the time we want to attack, 12hrs before the attack, and 1hr before the attack. With this tactic, we were usually able to get 15-20 people online to fill the rally.

Our new leader just says to be online when the wonder opens so we can rally up. Nothing against him, but I don't think he makes the wonder battle sound as essential and urgent as he should (even though he contributes hundreds of thousands of T4s so I know he takes it seriously). K80 is 2 1/2 months into the game and people are starting to get lazy. A motivational leader is essential to keeping control of the kingdom.

Participation is Key

Next, it's crucial to create only one rally and try to get as many people in as possible without canceling it. If you cancel the rally after people have sent troops, then you have to wait for all those people's troops to march back through the forest and return to their respective castle. This can often take 1hr or more and is a huge waste of time. In my opinion it's also a huge waste of speed ups. I prefer to use my speed ups when I'm attacking tiles.

Lastly, try making wonder rallies a little longer, like 15 or 30 min so you don't miss troops from people who have stepped away from the game for a few minutes.

COORDINATION and COMMUNICATION is key to not wasting time and speed ups!