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MageCraft: The War Guides and Strategy Tips

TIME :2022-07-03

MageCraft: The War Guides and Strategy Tips

Buckle-up, stand firm and let the battle start. MageCraft: The War already started and the kingdom of Argento is at state. Don’t let the empire go down, defend it from its nemesis, build cities, widen your armies, create alliances and destroy the entire kingdom that go up against your kingdom. MageCraft: The War is another city or shall we say kingdom management game that allows you to build and develop an empire and defend it from other kingdom. Building a kingdom and leading an army sounds great and easy but great power comes with great responsibilities so here’s a little tips and tricks strategy guide that comes in handy.

Follow the quests- The game usually starts with a tutorial for you to have a good start. You will be given an introductory quest right after finishing the tutorial. Keep in mind that you should follow these as they will point you in the general direction later on. Worrying on what will going to happen next could lead you into downfall so just relax, stay focus and follow as it will serve as the main direction of what you should be focusing first and if you do so, you will never have to worry about running out of resources.

Open the gift box every 15 minutes- Surprise yourself and get inspired. In the bottom right corner of the castle screen, there’s a box with a blue spiral which can be open for every 15 minutes wherein you can find random stuffs including resources, such as lumber or iron and if you get lucky, you might even get soldiers and must-have items.

Build up a strong army- As a first timer, you will be given a grace period to start the game wherein other players nor kingdoms cannot attack you. Manage your time wisely and build up a reputable army. Remember that strong army can’t be crushed easily as your overall defense rating for when other players attack you is calculated by the number of units you have, how strong they are individually, and whatever other defense options still exists.

Recruit scouts- Just like getting alliances, scouts are a type of unit that you can recruit but the scouts is suited for espionage which can be sent in other kingdom to gather valuable information that you might find helpful if you settle on attacking the enemy’s kingdom. However, remember that other players can also do this on you as well. Recruiting more scouts is the key for you to defend yourself against opposing spies. The more active scouts you have, the less effective their espionage attempts will be.

Protect any units you want to save in the Crypt- During the tutorial, you will manage to build a crypt which is designated for safekeeping of your units. If you have any valuable units you want save for a explicit assault, the Crypt is the perfect place for it. Units placed in here will be protected until they are removed, but this also means they cannot defend your castle when you’re away so be sure to leave some units out so that your kingdom isn’t totally vulnerable.

Join an alliance- A helping hand is not that bad especially if it’s for the good cause. Getting an alliance is definitely a good idea to do so as alliance members can come to your aid if you’re attacked by your opponent’s kingdom.

Keep your upkeep in the green- A successful kingdom have plenty of goods. As your kingdom expands and the size your army grows, you’ll need to have the amount of food close to it as well. It’s not that ethical to starve your army right? You can gather enough crops if your farms are upgraded, you can also build multiple ones if you need to. This also applies to your barracks, as you need to upgrade them in order to increase the amount of units you can train.