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Real Steel Champions Guides and Tips

Real Steel Champions Guides and Tips

Recently we shared Iron Kill as a online battling game and now we are here again to share to you Real Steel Champions as an action-packed sequel of World Robot Boxing. This is a clear result of success from the first result wherein you will experience crafting your own robot from scratch and take it to the top of competition. The good thing here is that you can fight along with over 50 million fans of Real Steel World Robot Boxing. You will start building your own Robot Champion and dominate 10 inspiring arenas. You can create almost 1000 different robots from exclusive and legendary robot parts.

When building your robot, you can have unique identity from 17 exclusive robots. Just choose from iconic heads, massive torsos and powerful hands and legs. And the most interesting part here is that you can customize your robots with exciting paint, intro which mimics your styles and the way the game will announce your name and become the king maker of Real Steel Champions. Well we are here to share to you some tips and guides for playing the game effectively so you are able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

1. Don’t purchase new moves. This is the typical error for newbie as they are excited to spend their cash for what they know improvement in the game. Well, as far as we can tell, various moves you can purchase have no statistical differences. They will only bring new look to you. One move doesn’t do any more damage than another moves. So it is better for you to save your money and buy first those things that bring advantage to you not only pure aesthetic.

2. Ensure to have an updated bot. In this game, while you are making progress, your opponent is also improving and the game is becoming difficult so you need to improve or should I say keep your bot upgraded. The best way to ensure that your bot can handle difficult battle is through purchasing new parts as well as doing passive upgrades. These upgrades will always apply no matter what parts you have so as time comes by they are much more beneficial than new parts as your long investment. Also the best thing here is that you can start with cheap price. In terms of upgrading, there are five categories to upgrade and each one improving a different stats for your mechs. There is a stat that improves your critical rate, two for your armor and also two for your power. And when it comes in upgrading, everything is important so you need to do some upgrade to keep your bot upgraded.

4. Mix directions with punches to make variation of attacks. If happen that you tap your attack buttons normally, you will do straight punches but then if you are holding a movement direction while you tap you will do an alternate attack that corresponds to that direction. The key here is to mix up your attacks to keep your opponent on their toes while will trip them up. Just make an experiment by combining different attacks which can let you have advantage over your opponent.

5. Getting additional experience and coins. As you continue making progress with tournament mode, you will encounter a super powerful robot which is perfect to test your capability in game. Since this is challenging expect that you will get additional experience and coins once you completed it. So the key here is to take advantage by spending time in attack mode. Here you will fight random opponent and take it to the top of the competition to earn more rewards.

6. Collect your achievements. In Real Steel Champions there are sets of achievements that you can complete throughout the game. If you finish it, you will see that there is a trophy icon located at the top left of your screen wherein there is a number next to it. Just direct yourself there to collect your rewards from completing your achievements wherein you will get premium currency do you don’t need to download Real Steel Champions cheats anymore.

7. Do rapid attacks with succession. In this game you have two types of attack such as heavy punch and light punch. If you perform a light punch, then heavy punch immediately after and from here you can do a combo which is effective in dealing with your opponent and inflicting lots of damage. You need to be relentless so that your opponent doesn’t have chance to block your attack. You can combine this and string alternate attacks to do some combos.