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8 Card King: Dragon Wars Tips and Tricks

TIME :2022-07-03

8 Card King: Dragon Wars Tips and Tricks

Last week we shared to you strategy guides for playing Card King: Dragon Wars effective and as we figured out that there are lots of player who are currently enjoying the game, we decided to expand the list for more additional tips and tricks for playing this game to your Android and iOS powered gadget. If you have question regarding with the review and other details about this app, you can check out the link we provided above. And for those who are already playing the game and still they want to add some techniques on how they dominate the game, they can check out the list of tips below:

1. Every dungeon has a three of the same battle included there. So if you check out the dungeon’s previous page, you will see that there will be three cards to fight meaning there will be nine of them and three of each. So ensure that you cards are far more powerful than the cards you are tend to challenge on that dungeon. Preparation is the key for winning this game together with your strategy and this is a goodway for you to earn your advantage.

2. Always ensure that you have at least one Dragon Stone. In every dungeon you want to engage with, ensure that you have at least one Dragon Stone in order to restart a dungeon once you get defeated. It will costs one Dragon Stone to revive in full and these dungeons are so long which mean that there will be times that losing the game is inevitable so you better prepare yourself with at least one Dragon Stone. If you don’t have dragon stone, you must complete your quest first to get Dragon Stone as well as power up which will aid in battle.

3. Unlock Adding extra card slots to your creatures. For you to unlock this feature, you need to keep ranking up. With this feature, you are able to swap cards in and out for more card customization. If your creature has a cards in its extra slot, you should not sell it or sacrifice until you remove all additional card bound on it.

4. Earning more Dragon Stone by inviting people. As we mentioned in other guide, you really need to spend Dragon Stones and this somehow a very important currency in game. Well the question now is how can you earn lots of Dragon Stones in game. As an emphasize to a list of ways on getting Dragon Stones, one thing that you can do to have it is by inviting people to the game or you can let other players to redeem your friend codes. Most of the time, you will see that people tend to share their codes or promo codes in Card King: Dragon Wars so other players might see it and use it so both party can claim rewards. But you can still cheat it actually, if you have multiple devices to play this game, just install multiple instances and redeem your own promo codes using  your main device. Or if you want to do it legally, you can add people on Facebook and invite them to play the game and if they accept it, you will get an instant rewards.

5. Getting lots of Dragon Coins. This your primary currency in Card King: Dragon Wars and you can use it for crafting, evolving, and empower your cards so definitely this is very useful so you can empower your total gameplay. Well your primary sources of coin are through Tavern. So you need only to fight more and more battles in tavern and you will earn more coins. This come with a simply system, the more stars that you earn in a battle, themore coins that you can earn. Also you can consider the difficulty behind it as the tougher battles come more likely to let you earn several coins so you should pick tougher battles as you rank up you can unlock more in-game features to let you earn more coins.

6. Higher probability to win battles in the arena. Definitely you should win fight in arena and there is a trick for it. Your hint to ensure that you will win the arena is by comparing your cards’ rarity and level to which your opponent is holding. If they are stronger and more rare, then there is smaller chance for you to win a match against him. If they come with lesser rare cards definitely you will a better chance of winning especially if they are at lower upgrade tier.

7. Save your hero later in battle. If you don’t need a hero card immediately, it is better for you to save it in the latter part of the battle. This is effecient especially when dealing with boss battles. Let it sit in your deck for awhile and instead of casting it in game right away, you can use other cards so that you can keep racking up the hero cards. And when it is time for you to fight boss battles, or you need a big boost for massive attack, start daisy-chaining the hero cards together, and chaining them with other support  cards so you are able to inflict much damage against your opponent.

8. Getting lots of eggs. We mentioned on the first part of our guide about acquiring higher tier creatures through eggs. Now the next question is how can you get more eggs in game. You will see that eggs in game comes as organized by colors as silver egg or higher is on that is more likely to let you earn rare creatures. There are also eggs that will pop up completely in random or there are eggs with no absolute pattern. Here you can consider the difficulty of battles you involve it and the more it difficult for you to complete it, the more rare the creatures you will acquire.