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Fishing Break Tips for Success — How to make money

Time to go fishing! They ain’t biting? Here are some tips to get you going in Fishing Break!

Money, money, money!

You need money to get good fish. Here’s how you get more money.

1) The Museum

If you catch it, they will come.

Your museum is an excellent source of passive income. Every time you catch new fish or the best of an existing species, you’ll add to the museum. The more and better fish you have, the greater your income. Your museum will earn cash even when you’re idle (offline), so definitely keep fishing to add to your museum.

fishing break video game

Enjoy your prize catch at the museum.

2) Watch videos

Yeah, it’ll take 30 or more seconds from your life, but watching ads is an easy way to double your cash. And some of those videos aren’t half bad.

fishing break video game

Watch ads to double your cash.

3) Complete missions

Every map has several base missions that reward good cash. Target those first. Then also go after the limited-time missions. These are missions where you have a short duration to catch a certain type of fish. Make sure to play them all to earn the bonus rewards.

fishing break video game

Complete missions for cash and to unlock new maps.

4) Compete in every Tournament

There are new tournaments every day. These limited-time events ask you to catch the biggest fish of a certain species. The entry fee is usually only a few bills. It’s not easy to place very high in the tourneys, but regardless, play in them. Even an average catch will get you goodies.

fishing break video game

Play in tournaments to earn awesome rewards.

5) Think profit margin

A catch in Carrot Lake might not sell for as much as Asian River, but because the price of bait is cheaper, there’s often a higher profit margin at Carrot Lake. It’s like those old casino games. Start at the slots (Carrot Lake), then move up to black jack (Cove) and then to poker (Asian River and beyond). This is a good way to build solid cash to buy the gear you need to be more successful at the higher levels.

Hope these tips help. More coming soon. Until then, happy fishing!