Actor Quiz Answers All Levels

TIME :2022-07-03

Are you searching for answers for all the levels of the game Actor Quiz created by guillaume coulbaux for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch? We got all of the Actor Quiz answers and solutions for you right below. As you will see on the list we got the answers for all of the first 6 levels.

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Actor Quiz Answers

Actor Quiz Answers All Levels

Actor Quiz Answers Level 1:
Level 1-1: Leonardo Dicaprio
Level 1-2: Natalie Portman
Level 1-3: Ryan Gosling
Level 1-4: Anne Hathaway
Level 1-5: Robert Pattinson
Level 1-6: Juliar Roberts
Level 1-7: James Franco
Level 1-8: Kate Winslet
Level 1-9: Sean Penn
Level 1-10: Jennifer Aniston
Level 1-11: Tom Cruise
Level 1-12: Meryl Streep

Actor Quiz Answers Level 2:
Level 2-1: Brad Pitt
Level 2-2: Whoopi Goldberg
Level 2-3: Johnny Depp
Level 2-4: Eva Mendes
Level 2-5: Tom Hanks
Level 2-6: Marion Cotillard
Level 2-7: Russell Crowe
Level 2-8: Keira Knightley
Level 2-9: Mark Wahlberg
Level 2-10: Naomi Watts
Level 2-11: Jim Carrey
Level 2-12: Michael Douglas

Actor Quiz Answers Level 3:
Level 3-1: Will Smith
Level 3-2: Ellen Page
Level 3-3: Jim Sturgess
Level 3-4: Drew Barrymore
Level 3-5: Zach Braff
Level 3-6: Mila Kunis
Level 3-7: Ewan Mcgregor
Level 3-8: Cameron Diaz
Level 3-9: Hugh Jackman
Level 3-10: Cate Blanchett
Level 3-11: Christian Bale
Level 3-12: Channing Tatum

Actor Quiz Answers Level 4:
Level 4-1: Jennifer Lawrence
Level 4-2: Bruce Willis
Level 4-3: Gemma Arterton
Level 4-4: Jake Gyllenhaal
Level 4-5: Rachel Weisz
Level 4-6: Owen Wilson
Level 4-7: Emma Watson
Level 4-8: Bradley Cooper
Level 4-9: Rachel McAdams
Level 4-10: Ben Affleck
Level 4-11: Jessica Alba
Level 4-12: Robert De Niro

Actor Quiz Answers Level 5:
Level 5-1: Tom Hardy
Level 5-2: Jude Law
Level 5-3: Sharon Stone
Level 5-4: Ashton Kutcher
Level 5-5: Angelina Jolie
Level 5-6: Shia Labeouf
Level 5-7: Al Pacino
Level 5-8: Halle Berry
Level 5-9: Daniel Day Lewis
Level 5-10: Michelle Williams
Level 5-11: Ben Stiller
Level 5-12: Penelope Cruz

Actor Quiz Answers Level 6:
Level 6-1: Tobey Maguire
Level 6-2: Liv Tyler
Level 6-3: Kirsten Dunst
Level 6-4: Audrey Hepburn
Level 6-5: Gerard Butler
Level 6-6: James Dean
Level 6-7: Vincent Cassel
Level 6-8: Tom Selleck
Level 6-9: Neve Campbell
Level 6-10: Colin Farrell
Level 6-11: Josh Arnet
Level 6-12: Eva Green

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