Drift Spirits Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Drift like a Pro

TIME :2022-07-03

Get ready to drift like a pro with Drift Spirits, the newest one-touch racing game. From the acclaimed developers at Bandai Namco, this racing game pits you in the seat of high-speed street cars. Drift with just one tap and beat your opponents! We’ll help you master drifting with our Drift Spirits cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Easy Rocket Starts!

Rocket starts give you a significant boost at the start of a race. In order to execute the technique, you must rev up your engine enough until the light on the tachometer turns blue. An easy way to do this is to hold gas until the needle gets around to the six, then just rapidly tap the gas. You need to keep the needle around here to get the rocket start. Be careful not to over rev as it won’t grant you a rocket start!

2.  Use recommended parts!

An easy way to make sure your car is outfitted with the best equipment possible out of your inventory is to use the recommended parts button. This feature will automatically take the best parts suitable for your currently select car and install them all. Of course, you will still need to wait the installation time but it’s much faster than installing each individual part one by one.

3. Enhance using the same type of part!

When you’re doing enhancing, you’re sacrificing left over parts to power up your base part. If you use the same type of part when you’re doing this, the base part will benefit more, meaning more experience and power. For example, if you’re enhancing an engine, using left over engines to sacrifice will work better than using, say, a muffler.

4. Collect your free CP Order!

CP Orders, or car point orders, give you a random assortment of car parts for you to install. Occasionally you’ll even net an actual car! You earn CP by winning races, but you can also do a free CP Order once a day. Make sure to come back every day to get your free parts!

5. Time your nitros!

You can use up to three nitro boosts per race. Be sure to use them wisely, as you will benefit from them more depending on your position. For example, using a boost right when your rocket start ends is a great way to pull ahead early on. Using them out of drifting turns is great too.

6. Try the 24-hour event!

Half way through “The Afrodites” story missions, you will unlock the 24-hour special event races. These races let you choose from four different difficulty levels each suited for different tiers of cars. The higher the difficulty, the better parts you will win, but make sure your car is up to the challenge!

7. Watch for the yellow lines!

The best time to start your drift is to wait for the yellow line to hit the front end of your car. The same goes for coming out of the drift – watch for the line to pass near the middle of your car then let go. Mastering the timing for starting and stopping drifts is key to victory!

With that, you should be on your way to becoming a drift master! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!