Sniper Fury Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Step into the shoes of the world’s ultimate sniper with Sniper Fury! Sniper Fury is another entry into the ever popular first-person shooter genre. Locate your targets and take them out with extreme accuracy! The quicker you do the job, the more you get paid. Let’s get started with our Sniper Fury cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Prepare your first shot!

Before you take your first shot, take advantage of the quiet time. The enemy is not alerted to your presence yet, so you can scope out the environment. Use this time to locate all potential targets and make sure you know who to take down first. Don’t be hasty; set up a plan of attack before you jump in!

2. Use your thermal scanner!

On sniper missions, you have access to a thermal scanner. Toggling it on will make human targets stand out with glorious thermal colors. It makes it much easier to spot them out from the environment. Be careful though – it’s not infinite! There’s a guage below that shows how much time you have left on it. It refills after each mission. The most efficient way to use the thermal scanner is to zoom out all the way, then toggle it on. Quickly look around for targets, then turn it back off. Use it sparingly and it’ll help you greatly!

3. Don’t save your money!

As with other gun centric first-person shooters, you need to be constantly upgrading your gun in order to tackle the harder challenges. The second you can afford a new upgrade for any other your guns, do it! You’re going to need all the firepower you can get. It’ll also pay in the long run, because completing the missions more efficiently means more money!

4. Upgrade your base soldiers!

The soldiers you position in your base are not only important to keeping it safe from assaults, but they also generate gold – the premium currency of the game – over time. This is the main way to get gold without paying real money. The higher level your soldiers are, the more gold they generate. The trick is is that they COST gold to upgrade, but it’s worth it in the long run, as you’ll be earning back more than what you spend on them given enough time.

5. Play every day!

This game has a daily reward system, so try to open the game at least once every day. You’ll get a lot of goodies, including gold! Also you can use this time to collect the gold your soldiers generate over time. Remember that it has a maximum, so try to come back every now and then to collect it. Don’t waste a precious second!

That’s all for Sniper Fury! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!