Rayman Adventures Tips, Cheats and Strategies

TIME :2022-07-03

Rayman Adventures is a free-to-play platformer game from Ubisoft, featuring the titular star of the franchise, Rayman. To get you started in this wacky world, Gamezebo has some great tips Rayman Adventures tios, cheats and strategies that should help you get ahead.

Hone the Basics


  • The controls are pretty simple. Rayman automatically runs with a tap causing him to jump or bounce off a wall. Swiping forward has him punch out at an enemy.
  • Timing isn’t so simple. Learn to swipe quickly, especially when you’re trying to bounce off a wall and lash out at an enemy at the same time.
  • Don’t swipe frantically. You’ll be tempted but it rarely pays off. It usually just causes you more problems.
  • You can take out enemies by jumping on their heads as well as by hitting them, so time your jumps correctly to do this.
  • Swiping down on a bouncy thing causes you to jump even higher, helping you reach hidden away areas.

Hatching Eggs and Keeping Creatures Happy


  • By completing levels, you earn eggs. These eggs can then be incubated for a time, before hatching and giving you new creatures to collect. Don’t worry about using the gem based premium currency to speed things along. Just wait it out and they’ll hatch.
  • You are given some free elixirs earlier on though, and these can help speed things along. They can also be used to convert eggs into rarer varieties, and they can guarantee you’ll get a brand new creature from one. They’re expensive though. Use them wisely.
  • Bear in mind though – rare eggs take longer to hatch but it’s worth being patient so you don’t spend any money.


  • Each creature can then be used at the start of the level to help you in some way. The Rhinoz gives you extra attack power, while Snifflers break through ice. Blue creatures suck up surrounding items, making it easier for you to snag things. The green creature will sniff out hidden items in levels, helping your chances of finding everything there is to seek out. Conveniently, you can use a red type of creature to protect you from attack once. It can really help boost your chances in a combat focused level.
  • Want to know where to find a specific creature? Tap on the question mark next to their name and the game will tell you.
  • Rayman Adventures is pretty good at not subtly hinting to you what kind of creature to take with you. There’s little point in taking a red one in an exploration stage, for instance.

General Tips


  • Don’t go to a new world until you’re certain you’ve done everything you want to do. You can’t go back once you’ve moved on.
  • There’s no limit on how many times you can play a stage other than this, so go nuts. Keep hitting that reset button until you feel you’ve got everything along the way. It’s not like you’ve only got a set number of lives to deal with.
  • Aim for high scores. You’ll gain gems that way which can be used to speed things along, or for purchasing new bonuses.
  • Want an easy route to free gems? Go to the in-app store and watch a video. You’ll earn gems for free that way, and they all add up.
  • Sometimes, the game map offers hidden extras. Look out for sparkling areas and tap on them when they show up.