The Walking Dead: No Mans Land - Tips and Tricks for establishing your base

TIME :2022-07-03

There’s a lot going on within The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, from fighting it out against walkers to knowing how best to upgrade your team of survivors.

Here at 148apps, we’ve chosen to focus on one key part of surviving - establishing your base and ensuring it provides everything you need to survive.

Farms and supplies

Farms are (almost) everything. They provide you with supplies which can then be put towards constructing and upgrading buildings. You can’t replay earlier missions so this is your best way to stock up. Build as many farms as possible.

Don’t forget to build plenty of storage areas too so that you don’t run out of room. Got a surplus? Use it to clear some junk to expand your camp.

The workshop

The workshop is there for upgrading your weapons and armor. Don’t waste time and resources on upgrading everything, but do use this to improve your favorite pieces of equipment.

The Hospital

The hospital is to heal any injuries between battles. You won’t need it much early on, but once your team starts getting battered in combat, you’ll know when to hit upgrade.

Training Ground

Another one to wait out. Wait till your characters are quite strong to begin with, before you work on upgrading them. Low level characters are a waste of resources to upgrade.

Mission Car

Through gas, the game’s form of energy, the Mission Car dictates how much you can play during one session. If you only ever play for a few minutes at a time, don’t worry about upgrading this. If you find yourself with nothing to do though and an itch to progress, upgrade the car regularly.

The Council

The Council is your central base or headquarters. It’s often the last thing you should upgrade but by doing so, you upgrade your storage potential, as well as unlock new building types and other options. It’ll keep you progressing.