Grepolis Hack for Gold, Silver, Rock, and Wood -

TIME :2022-07-03

Grepolis Hack for Gold, Silver, Rock, and Wood

Do you dream of conquering lands and enemies, expanding your empire, and living your life as a supreme leader? If so, take a look at this. Coming from the game developers of the company InnoGames GmbH, give a warm welcome to the multiplayer online strategy game Grepolis. With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, Grepolis will let you become the ruler of your very own kingdom, giving you all the power over your village with you being in charge of every strategic decision that you will encounter within your journey. You’ll be given the chance to expand your barracks and attack the neighboring villages, including those of other people playing online. With many opportunities to grow and conquer, are you up to the challenge? With an easy to follow interactive display, rewarding quests, and immersive online gameplay, Grepolis is a game that you’ll be taking everywhere – giving you the power to be a king whenever, and wherever.

In order to be successful within Grepolis, you have to make executive decisions that will benefit your style of play. Whether you choose to invest your resources and time into improving your natural resources, such as upgrading your mines and farms, or decide to spend your time building up an impressive army, every choice you make will eventually make an impact on your kingdom.

When you first open the app, you’ll be given the option to start playing right away. After you progress a little, a quest will appear that will give actually reward you for formally signing up. Choosing a screen name and registering with a formal email and password is something easy and essential, and you’ll even gain an advantage over your enemies by making an account.

Right from the get go, the game will set you up with an interactive tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. The tutorial will take you through some ideas such as constructing parts of your kingdom such as a silver mine, a temple, and a farm. After building the basic structures, you’ll be able to upgrade them to get better resources out of them, which will give you the upper hand.

Being the ruler of your kingdom means that you have the choice to stay a passive kingdom, or rule with an iron fist. When you build your first barracks, you can invest your resources into training different types of soldiers, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. After you’ve built up your army, you can take a look at the map and decide where you want to strike. If you successfully defeated your opponent, once you conquered them, you’ll have the option to demand resources from them, which makes victory even sweeter.

Since this game is set within the time of ancient Greece, the Greek gods play a large role within your kingdom. After constructing your temple, you’ll be given the option to choose the support from one of many gods of the game. Each god gives your kingdom certain benefits and skills that you can activate. With the option to choose between powerful gods such as Hera, Artemis, Athena or even Hades, each god will give you certain powers that will work with your style of playing.

Grepolis is currently on version 2.85, and is available for devices running Android 2.3.3 and above, and for Apple devices running iOS 6.1 and above. With updates constantly being produced, there will always be new content for the players to enjoy. With Grepolis being free and a rating of 4.3 stars, the majority being 5 star reviews, Grepolis also has the option for players to join an alliance or even create their own, where players can interact with each other to take down their foes and create an even larger empire to call their own.

The construction or upgrades of the various assets of your kingdom takes time. The higher level your assets are, the longer time it takes for them to be upgraded. When you’re in the heat of battle and don’t have any time to spare waiting to train high level troops or upgrading your resources, Grepolis offers an in-game currency that you can purchase using real world money that can be used to upgrade your assets without the need of time. These coins can be purchased from the main menu in various packages that give you more bang for your buck the bigger bundle you buy. Options for packages of coins include: 440 for $4.99, 1200 for $9.90, 3000 for $19.99 (The best seller), 10,000 for $49.99, or 20,000 for $79.99. Using coins as a method to upgrade your kingdom is very valuable, as you won’t have to wait long amounts of time to be ahead of your enemies. Each of these packages are very valuable, but as you can see the more in bulk you buy your coins, the more value you will get.

Grepolis Hack for Gold, Silver, Rock, and Wood

Grepolis is a game that is available on iOS and Android, and if you are playing this game then you know how much you need resources like wood and rocks. You will also need a lot of gold in this game, which is a premium currency, and you can purchase gold in the in-app purchasing option. However, purchasing items in the app costs real money, which can get really expensive even with just a few purchases here and there. This is why you need to get the Grepolis hack tool, which will give you unlimited amounts of gold, silver, rock, and wood completely for free.

The hack for Grepolis is available for both Android and iOS devices, and this hack will allow you to get unlimited amounts of resources, as well as unlimited amounts of the premium gold currency. All you have to do in order to get the unlimited amounts of gold and resources is download the Grepolis hack tool right here on AppGameCheats.

As you will notice in the picture below, you will see an options menu within the hack tool, and after you download the hack tool, you will be able to input the amount of each item you want to get for free.


It might take a minute or two to download the Grepolis hack for your device, so don’t worry it shouldn’t take that long. The hack tool will automatically install once it is downloaded, which means you will not have to open any files in order to get the Grepolis hack tool to work. Once it is downloaded, you will be able to select which device you are playing Grepolis on, such as iOS or Android. You will then just need to type in the amounts of the gold, wood, rocks, and silver that you want to put into your game.

Press the “Start” button in order to start the hack process, which takes about 30 seconds to complete. After it’s done, you will be able to open up Grepolis in your device as you normally would, and then you will see the amounts of the items that you added with the Grepolis hack tool. This allows you to get items such as rocks and wood without having to do all the work in the game to acquire it, and it also allows you to play the game without needing to purchase the gold through the in-app purchasing option.

Grepolis Cheats & Tips

As you begin the tutorial, the game will show you how you can upgrade and construct new buildings and troops for your kingdom. Although the game shows that your construction will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to complete, depending on the level of your building, while you’re still in the tutorial the game gives you the option to speed up the construction for free! While this is only available for free in the tutorial, every chance you have to improve your kingdom in the shortest amount of time will give you the chance to put yourself ahead of those around you, which will definitely give you the upper hand.


Now that you’ve gotten the upper hand over your enemies, it’s time to strike. If you go to the world map, you’ve got the chance to choose who you’d like to attack. What some people don’t know is that when you tap a city to attack, you have the option to see some info about the town you’re going to attack. This information can tell you just how much man power you’ll need to successfully conquer your city of choice. As the game progresses and you’ve upgraded certain buildings such as your silver mine and your cave, you even have the option to spy on an enemy city. Spying gives you an even bigger upper hand and will allow you to maximize your attack to make sure that you have a clean and easy victory over your surrounding enemies.

Although you may not always be successful in an attack, everything you do is a learning experience. From attacking other online players you are able to see what works in a defensive situation and what the newest and best strategies are, so that even if you lose you’ll still come out on top in the long run. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to conquer with ease. Make sure to plan out every step carefully and be sure to make decisions that will benefit you, so that you’ll be able to crush your opponents easily.


Grepolis Review

Many games with similar concepts have very confusing interfaces that make victory a lot harder. With Grepolis, whenever you hold down your finger on the screen the game will tell you exactly what and where your buildings are, which makes navigation a lot easier for newer players. The animations and artwork make the game feel very realistic in how it operates, and is very immersive in the sense of graphics. The concept of upgrading and constantly growing as a ruler of your kingdom makes the game a lot more addictive, which means you’ll constantly be checking your phone to see when you have another opportunity to strike. There’s something empowering about being the best of the best, so whenever you’re feeling down or bad, opening up this game will for sure make you feel better and more powerful.

A large majority of free apps have intrusive and ridiculously annoying advertisements that make playing the game a lot more annoying, since ads pop up every other click. With Grepolis, within all the time I spent playing, I did not encounter a single ad. With that being said, I can safely say that Grepolis is a pioneer for mobile gaming. It shows how an app can be a good game and still be successful even without the constant use of ads for the developers to rake in money.

My only concern with the app is that the timeit takes for your buildings to upgrade goes from short to very long in a very short amount of time. This makes it so that the further you get within the game, in order to be successful you need to spend the money to buy coins so that you’ll be ahead of the game. To some this may not seem to be a problem, but to the people who find it hard to wait and are not willing to spend the extra money to be ahead, the game may get very tedious and annoying, very fast.


Also, for the people who own phones that may be compatible with the app but do not have as advanced hardware that the newer phones have, the app may be laggy and prove to be a challenge to smoothly operate. The graphics, while impressive, do have their downfall as the game is large and can take up a lot of space on phones with small amounts of open space. As with many other apps, when Grepolis updates, the game update normally comes with bugs that can prove to be annoying to the active player. While these bugs will eventually be fixed, it can be difficult to play when all you want is for the problems to be fixed. Going along with this, while some updates may not have bugs or glitches included in them, they can change certain aspects and for the people who choose not to read what was changed, the update can be confusing if things were changed.



Artwork: I would have to give Grepolis an 8/10 for the artwork within the game. It is indeed very impressive for a mobile game and does stay true to the theme of ancient Greece, to the older phone it may prove to be a challenge to run as the graphics can at times be laggy.

Musics/SFX: For the music and sound effects of the game, I would have to give it a 7/10. There really is not any real music in the game, but the sound effects that are present are very good. While a player is within his/her city, they can hear it bustling with activity, including the sounds of their city inhabitants enjoying themselves, and the sounds of nature around them. The sounds are very interactive. Whenever a player enters a building within their city, a unique sound effect plays that maintains the immersive nature. Although these sounds are very good within a player’s city, for the player who chooses to be more active on the world map in order to attack other players, there is a very limited amount of sounds.

Story and Originality: I give this game a 9/10 for it’s story and originality. The game is very immersive at times, and will definitely give you the feeling of being a part of ancient Greece. Without any single time where the game breaks the feeling of actually being a ruler of a kingdom, there are a lot of opportunities for players to actually feel as if they were a fierce ruler of their very own kingdom.

General Gameplay: For the general gameplay of Grepolis, I would give it an 8/10. The game is relatively simple to understand at first, but in order to be a successful player, you need to take strategy into account. This adds a new level of complexity to what first seems like an easy game, which takes it to the next level.

Addictiveness: I would give this game a 10/10 for addictiveness. With new updates constantly being pushed out, new content being introduced into the game, and there always being something new to do, there is always a reason to open the app and play the game. If you get started with a building, there is always something to upgrade. Playing the game more and more allows you to constantly expand your empire and grow as a powerful leader. Once you get started, it is very, very hard to stop. Anyways, why would a leader just abandon their kingdom?

All in all, I would have to give the fantastic game Grepolis an 8.5/10.