WSOP Texas Hold'em Cheats & Hack for Cash & Chips 2016

TIME :2022-07-03

World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em Hack For Cash and Chips

The poker scene’s most prestigious brand has finally entered the mobile market with the official World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em Free Casino, out now on Android and iOS devices. World Series of Poker (WSOP) Texas Hold’em lets you rub shoulders with the high rollers as you play your choice of Omaha rules or the Classic Texas Hold’em, going head to head with your friends or entering multi-level tournaments, all for the low low cost of absolutely free for 2016.

Want to go all-in? No problem, you can win up to half a million in chips from the Mega Bonus Spin every four hours, or for you high rollers out there, you can purchase chips from the in-game cashier, which earns your account more Status Points.

You won’t find any bots or CPUs around as you sit down at a table, the player base of WSOP Texas Hold’em is so large that you’l be versing real people from around the globe every single game. From the get go, players start off with the Play Now and Atlantic City Tournament modes unlocked, but you only have to play a few hands to raise your player level, which unlocks more Tournaments over time, culminating in the $2.64 billion Las Vegas Tournament at level 100. Win Tournaments, earn WSOP rings and climb to the top of the online leaderboards.

WSOP Hack For Cash and Chips 2016

In-app purchases for WSOP can really add up quickly, which is why we at AppGameCheats created a free hack that you can use to get unlimited cash and chips, This hack for WSOP works for both Android and iOS devices, is completely free and also safe.  No survey, jailbreak or APK root needed!

Once you download the WSOP free hack tool onto your device, which should take 30 seconds, you can select how many cash and chips you want to add to your account.

If you check out the picture found below, you will see the options menu and how the hack tool is setup.


The first thing you need to do to get your unlimited cash and chips is choose the kind of device you are using to play WSOP , such as either Android or iOS. You want to then hit “Connect” so that your account and the hack tool can be linked up. You can then put in the amount of cash and chips you wan to add to your account, which is any amounts you want to add.

After that, just hit the “Start” button when you want to start the hack tool, then it will take about 30 seconds to finish working. You don’t need to have a jailbroken device or do a survey to use the hack.  You will then be able to open WSOP on your device, then you will find the cash and chips that you inputted already added to your account. Using this free hack tool for WSOP allows you to get free cash and free chips without spending a penny on in-game purchases.

Cheats & Tips for WSOP Texas Holdem

Keep an eye on the Mega Bonus button on the main menu. You can claim your Mega Bonus, which always amounts to a load of free chips, once every four hours, pay attention to the timer to maximise your winnings. It might be easier to stay on top of your Mega Bonus and cheat the system if you turn on push notifications.

Know your poker. Brush up on the rules with the in-game tutorial, check out some basic poker strategy online, and pay attention to the loading screen tips – they turn out to be helpful more often than out.

Log in with Facebook to play with your friends and earn a $15,000 chip bonus, but that’s not the only bonus that comes with linking your account. You can start a game on mobile and pick up where you left off through the Facebook app, great for when you get home after playing on the go.


Take advantage of the newly introduced loyalty program. Completely free to all WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino players, the Total Rewards loyalty program gives you bonus benefits and rewards based on how much you play the game. By just playing a few hands you earn Status Points, which can increase your loyalty status from Bronze at the lowest end all the way up to Royal Diamond, which makes you eligible for higher multipliers on chip packages, status points, and your free chip bonus.

AppGameCheats Review of WSOP

As a recent online poker convert, I found using WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a treat. With too many poker games there can be confusing menus or badly thought out table settings, and WSOP thankfully steer clear of those genre pitfalls.

I was impressed with the match making service, as every table I entered in the Play Now game mode was full or near full of players. Poker is as much about playing the cards as it is playing your opponents, and the social features found in World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em do a lot to keep that friendly atmosphere of a poker table even though I could be playing with someone half a world away.


Communication between players was clearly a focal point of the developers. After each hand is played out, you’re given the option of sending a couple pre-loaded messages that appear briefly at the bottom of the screen before the new hand is dealt. There’s nothing better in poker than winning a huge pot and announcing “I was bluffing” to the table immediately after clearing up, and I’m surprised at how well the developers integrated that social interaction in such a seemingly simple mobile game. You can even upload a personal avatar for use in games, but to be honest I’ve seen as many selfies as I have anime characters.

Included in the app is a slot machine mini game, available to play during normal poker games. This is a great time sink for those situations where you fold first hand and the rest of the players seem to take up the entire clock deciding whether to call or fold.

Another nice feature in WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino are the various poker tips displayed during the brief loading screens. For instance, I didn’t know that most players will on average a 1 in 17 chance of being dealt pocket pair. It feels great learning a new statistic before jumping in to a Play Now game, prepared to rake in some chips with your new found knowledge.

Overall, World Series of Poker Texas Hold’em does a terrific job at adapting the well tried and true formula of Texas Hold’em Poker to mobile devices. It’s not leaps and bounds ahead of the pack, but it looks great, plays great, and runs great – the complete package for die hard fanatics and casual poker fans in 2016.


Our Own Ratings

Artwork: I give WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a 7/10 for Artwork. The menu and characters are very well designed, no unneeded clunkiness to be found, but the most important artwork of any poker game is the table layout. Thankfully, it looks beautiful, thanks to the easy to read player icons and customisable avatars.

Music & SFX: I give WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a 7/10 for Music & SFX. Although the in game sounds are a nice addition, I wish there was some more sound in the main menu. Just some background music add so much to the atmosphere.

Story & Originality: I give WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a 6/10 for Story & Originality. If you’re looking for story, casino games probably isn’t your thing. Probably if you’re looking for originality too, but the originality in this game is more about what the developers have been able to do within the genre staples and boundaries, and they’ve done a good job here.


General Gameplay: I give WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a 9/10 for General Gameplay. I love poker, so any old poker game could get me. WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino clearly has a focus on gameplay, obvious from the large Play Now and Tournament buttons you see upon launch. And the gameplay is top notch.

Addictiveness: I give WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a 9/10 for Addictiveness. The game doesn’t interrupt you with pop up advertisements, so it’s easy to sink hours into this game without realising. The only time I ever stopped was when I ran out of chips!

Overall, I give WSOP Texas Hold’em Free Casino a 8/10.