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TIME :2022-07-03

Real Racing 3 Cheats & Hack for Gold & Money

Real Racing 3, the new high-end racing simulator from EA Games, rocked the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on June 1st, earning a place on the App Store’s “Essentials” list in no time flat.  With amazing graphics, realistic physics, and Apple Watch integration, you can see why Real Racing 3 has made a name for itself within weeks of its release! In Real Racing 3, you can sit in the driver’s seat of real life cars, and push them to their limit; Bugatti, Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Lamborghini are all names you’ll see when you buy your racing cars of choice. With upgrades available to increase the power of your motor vehicle, and an expansive customization menu, you’ll soon tune your car exactly to your liking, down to the style of your tire rims.

Selecting your car is only the beginning; cups, races, and challenges of all sorts await you in Real Racing 3, and only a real racer like you can step up to the challenge and finish in first place. As a professional driver, you will have the opportunity to perform in drag race events, cups, speed snaps, and other competitions. Completion of races will award you money like in real life, and the better placement you earn, the more money you win. With an increasing amount of cash and trophies, you’ll gain access to professional, high-powered cars. You’ll be starting from the bottom, racing a Ford Focus or Nissan Silvia, but you’ll end up in the big leagues if you put in the effort and dedication that any professional driver possesses.

As you complete races, you’ll gain access to the more prestigious car models, which you’ll definitely need if you’re going to complete the increasingly difficult tracks. Not only do the additional cars provide a greater chance of winning a race, but they also increase your fame. Fame is used to attract people to hire as part of your team, and your team occasionally provides you with special benefits, such as larger prizes in certain races. Along with hiring a team, you’ll also hire mechanics to occasionally service your car. The condition of your car is measured by a gauge shown to you after you complete each race. When this gauge is nearly empty, you’ll have to service your car, or you won’t be able to use it at all. Servicing a car requires a mechanic and cash, but it’ll also take some time for the process to complete; this means that you’ll have to either wait until it’s done, or use a reliable secondary car for races while your other car is being serviced. You can hire up to four mechanics using special tokens, which allows you to have up to four cars being serviced at once.

Real Racing 3 uses two currencies: cash (R$) and tokens; both can be obtained for free in the game by winning races and achieving goals, but you may find yourself in a spot where you might need more than you can earn. In this case, you can buy tokens or cash via IAP (In-App Purchases) at a reasonable price. This is important if you wish to upgrade your cars to maximum capacity or service your car instantly, as both actions require tokens. Since Real Racing 3 is based off of reality, new cars will be very expensive. Buying cash may be a wise decision if you wish to own many cars, which gains fame and provides you with secondary cars to use when your other cars are being serviced. You can also use IAP to VIP your car, which means that all upgrades performed on it will complete instantly.

With 116 cars, and 7 levels of races (Amatuer, Pro/Am, Pro, Expert, Master, Elite, Legend), each containing many challenges, you won’t run out of content any time soon while playing Real Racing 3. Before you select a race, you can swipe to the left on the main menu (where you select your racing level) and enter a separate menu that provides rewards for completing challenges; this will aid you in your efforts to earn cars, and counts towards 100% completion of Real Racing 3. If you don’t like one or more of the challenges, you can tap the “x” button in the corner to replace it with a new challenge.

Now that you know the general workings of Real Racing 3, lets move on to the finer details of how to win every race and beat every challenge.

Real Racing 3 Hack for Gold & Money

You might be sitting there playing Real Racing 3 and enjoying yourself, but finding yourself needing some gold and money to get items and other upgrades. These items are available through the app store, this costs real money, and that really gets expensive.

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Tap the “Start” button when you are ready to begin the hack tool, which takes no more than 40 seconds to complete. You will then be able to open up the app on your device normally, and the money and gold will have been added to your account. Not only will you enjoy Real Racing 3 more with the hack tool, you will also save time and money since you won’t have to ever spend a dime in the app store on in-game items.

Real Racing 3 Tips and Strategies

Racing is a serious business; you put your life and car on the line, in hopes of gaining first place and take home the prize. Just like in real life, wrecking your car or losing a race is a major setback, so we’ll set you on the road to success with these tips, tricks, and cheats that we’ve compiled just for you.

Controls: When you first begin to play Real Racing 3, you may notice that you don’t have complete control over your car; you can turn, but you can’t drift, control your acceleration, or even apply the brakes (the game “auto-brakes” for you when you approach turns). To gain complete control over your vehicle, you have to tap the “assists” button on the right hand of the screen, just as the race is about to begin; this will open a menu where you can choose which aspects are controlled by you, and to what degree the game will “assist” you in areas such as braking and turning. Once you have complete control over the car, you can perform cool stunts, like drifting, and blaze through corners as fast as you think you can handle.


Taking Corners- For those of you who haven’t competitively raced in real life (or haven’t played many racing simulators), it is important to follow the proper procedure for taking a turn without flying off of the track or losing too much speed and momentum. Due to the realistic physics of Real Racing 3, you will have to exercise the same driving techniques as real racers do in the real world. To take a corner effectively, make sure to stay on the side of the road opposite to the direction in which you’ll turn; this will allow you to turn into the bend, merging with the red and white strip along the side of the road. Apply your brakes about 100 feet from the turn, and accelerate into the bend to keep your traction and minimize the speed lost from turning. This technique will ensure that you stay on the road and keep ahead of the rest of the racers that you’ve passed.

Camera Angle- While turning with precise movements using the technique above is effective, it just doesn’t provide the same rush as drifting around a corner, leaving behind a trail of melted rubber and vexed opponents. Sadly, you can’t drift effectively with the default camera angle, as you’ll only get a side view of the car as you drift; this is a problem because you can’t tell exactly which direction your car is pointing, which completely changes the dynamics of your drift. To change your camera angle, tap the camera button found in the upper-right corner of your screen. The first-person view from within the car is the best view to use if you want to drift; this is because it offers an accurate view of which direction your car is heading in, and it displays a rear-view mirror, just like in real life. The developers of Real Racing 3 have given you the tools to excel in your races, so why not use them? If you take these tips to heart, you’ll succeed so often in your races that you may as well be using cheats for Real Racing 3.


Cheating in Real Racing 3- When you gain full control over your vehicle, as per the instructions listed above, you’ll be able to cheat in Real Racing 3. Without full control of your car, you’ll automatically slow down when you approach corners, which forces you to stay on the road and hug the bend to keep your place and maintain momentum. With full control, you won’t automatically slow down when you approach corners, which means you can simply take a shortcut before turns and drive out of bounds to reach the stretch of road that comes after a turn! You will incur a slight penalty at the end of the game, but this cheat is definitely worth it if you need to boost your placement to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a hurry. Be careful when you take these shortcuts, because you will also incur penalties for crashing into wall or other objects, and you’ll have to service your car more often.

Real Racing 3 Review

Real Racing 3 has provided the most realistic driving experience I’ve ever seen on mobile, and that realism doesn’t just start and end with the graphics, physics, and brand name cars. From the very first moment you pick up your car, you’re immersed into a simulation that follow real world rules, such as accurate car pricing, car servicing, upgrades, finding a crew, and hiring mechanics to work on your car. You even gain “fame” as you complete more races and buy more cars; this allows you to attract more people that will join your crew and pull you up to success. Real Racing 3 is definitely a game for motor vehicle racing enthusiasts.


The challenges and races found in Real Racing 3 are short enough to play almost anywhere, and interesting enough to sit down and play for long periods of time. Real Racing 3 sports an interesting soundtrack of modern electronic music; this is great if you’re into dubstep and trance, and those who don’t prefer this music will be pleased to hear that the music isn’t obnoxious in any way. As you’re playing, you may notice that Real Racing 3 uses miles/hour to measure speed. Players who prefer kilometer/hour can switch the speed units in the settings; the attention to detail in this game is astounding, and I believe Real Racing 3 lives up to its title.

The only complaints I have concerning Real Racing 3 is the amount it lags on my device (iPod 5th Gen). The lag I experience isn’t even close to being bad enough to interfere with the gameplay, but it is noticeable enough to become slightly annoying, and it slightly ruins the effect of the realistic gameplay. All in all, however, this small fault is compensated for quite thoroughly with the other pleasant aspects of Real Racing 3.


Detailed Ratings

Artwork– The artwork and graphics in Real Racing 3 is absolutely stunning, especially for a free game, but it isn’t perfect. The only thing holding this area back is the persistent lag which occurs even on newer devices, and the amount of space required to play this game because of the hi-def qualities of Real Racing 3. Artwork receives a 9/10

Music/SFX– Real Racing 3 boasts realistic and crisp sound effects, and the music is modern and unobtrusive. I’ll rate the Music/SFX as a 10/10.

Story/Originality– There isn’t a “story” in Real Racing 3, and the only originality is in the individual track layouts. The main draw of this game is mostly in the realistic artwork and SFX. I’ll rate the story and originality as 5/10.

General Gameplay– Real Racing 3 is an absolute blast to play, and I don’t think the actual gameplay can be improved much further. The only aspect of the game I’d want to see change would be the availability of more cars earlier on in the game. General gameplay receives a 9/10

Addictiveness– While Real Racing two isn’t the most addicting game, it definitely makes you want to complete more and more races to unlock powerful cars and thrilling new tracks. I’ll rate the addictiveness as a 7/10.

Real Racing 3 has been quite a ride; I think it deserves a solid overall rating of 8/10.