NinJump Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Coins & Jade -

TIME :2022-07-03

NinJump Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Coins & Jade

Looking to hop from building to building and explore the world of this Ninja while also trying to reach as high as you can?  I have found the game for you.  Made by Backflip studios, which is so appropriately named for the game considering that the game is a ninja game, NinJump was created so that people could hop from one wall to another while walking up a building and dodging evil squirrels from killing you.  Ninjump is pretty highly compatible with most of the devices out there right now with just a 5.0 iOS compatibility.  This means that most players should be able to download the game even if you haven’t updated your phone in a long while.

Players will need to know how to speak english or understand it to understand the general rules for the game, but people who understand different languages should still be able to download the game because it is a pretty simplistic game that just requires some trial and error to understand how the game works.  If I were to give you an example of this, it would be that there are a ton of different games like chess that people play across the world which all people know and it’s not just one language that can play the game.

The most recent update in NinJump was on November 5 of 2014 which was patch 1.81.6 which fixed a couple of bugs that the game that caused it to crash.  This addition helps to keep NinJump more available for people to play without having too much trouble playing.  NinJump is also really small because the game does not require too much space in order to download.  It only takes 16.7MB to download while the rest of the games, or the average game takes 70MB to download. NinJump is available on both iOS and Android operating systems.

The goal of this game is to get as far as you can by tapping the screen in order to cross the center and get on the other side of the wall so that you can avoid any of the squirrels that are raining down on you or the enemy ninjas that are trying to get you off of the clotheslines.  You will be able to kill the enemies on your way and if you manage to get three enemy kills in a row, then you can get an additional power-up that will help you get even farther in the game.  There are also power-ups that will allow you to get some shield for protection or rise you up in the game so that you can avoid getting hit by the squirrels.

There are also numerous obstacles that aren’t people throwing projectiles, but rather just something in the way that you have to avoid so that you won’t fall off of the wall.  After you manage to get your score, you can compare yourself to the leaderboard that is readily available considering the Game Center attachment to the game.  Otherwise, you can share your score on Facebook or Twitter to tell other people about the game.  If you are looking to get a bit further in the game, then you can probably just purchase some shields to get you a bit further every single time.

NinJump Hack for Coins & Jade

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Cheats and Tips for NinJump

The first tip that I can offer you is to always be on a look out for shields because they will protect you as you go up the walls.  They will help you get past those places where it is extremely hard to get past it without dying.  So essentially shields are like getting an extra life that you can get every single time that you lose a shield.


If you manage to hit the angry birds during the beginning of the course, you will be able to get to the top more quickly.

After you hit the 2,500 foot mark, you will be able to notice the running Ninjas which are able to be more dangerous because they can run and hit you and it will be harder to avoid them since you are going much faster and sometimes will have to jump because an obstacle was in your way.


At 4,000 feet, you will be able to face off against the obstacles which don’t shoot projectiles, but rather just get in your way of continuing to climb the same wall which forces you on to the other wall.

If you manage to hit the killer squirrels enough times, they will grant you an extra bonus jump that will take you a bit higher in the game so that you can get a headstart in the game and get some bonus height during your run.

NinJump Review

Ninjump is a good game that uses a ton of already proven concepts and then combining it with some fun characters and enemies that will get you more into the game.  The graphics are pretty solid and is in good comparison to other popular games in terms of the graphics in the game.  The in-app purchases just help you avoid one hazard that might have hit you and killed you otherwise.  It is pretty addicting because of the Game Center and leaderboard idea, but it is also pretty addictive because you always want to get further into the game.  However, these in-app purchases aren’t exactly making you able to win the game because it is not a pay to win game.  You have to be pretty good at the game so that you are able to get past those hazards and not have to use shields over and over again and spend money on it to get more shields.  So basically, the shields do help you get further, but it is not that impactful because it only avoids one accident.


I would recommend this game to anyone of any age because NinJump is really fun for every single player of any age.  It is a good time waster that allows you to get past a couple of situations while playing the game so that you aren’t as bored.  I think that children would enjoy the characters in the game and teens would enjoy the competitive aspect of the game while adults would have fun with the game because it is pretty cute and addictive to play.




I would give NinJump a 7/10.  The artwork in NinJump is pretty good considering the amount of space that the game takes up.  The Ninja is pretty detailed and all and his movements up are really smooth.  I think that the artwork of the buildings and himself are really good at making the game better and making the game a lot more fun to play.  The evil squirrels are a bit small but they are also pretty fun with the artwork that is put into it.  The game looks pretty up to par with what games are out right now in terms of how good it looks.  I think that NinJump’s artwork is one of the reasons why the game is so successful right now.  Considering it has over 150,000 ratings is a good reason to say that the game knows what it is doing and the artwork is good enough for people to want to play the game to the point where they are sharing it with other people.

Music and SFX

I would give NinJump a 7/10.  I do think that NinJump’s music pretty decent considering the fact that it is a constant game that doesn’t have anything other than a Ninja which is jumping, but the music does in fact make the game a bit better.  It has this running kind of theme with the music that makes you want to keep on going even after you have maybe died a couple times.  It makes the game a ton of fun and the sound effects of the evil squirrels and everything like that is also interesting because they make these kind of more cute sounds and then whenever you die it is more of a cute sound as well.  I think that if they wanted to make the game more appealing and more realistic, they would add more of a actual death sound to the game rather than the one that they have right now which is pretty animated and just cute.

Story and Originality

I would give NinJump a 6/10.   Although there is no storyline in NinJump, it is one of those games that shouldn’t have a storyline to it considering the gameplay.  If you are just going up walls and hopping back and forth between the walls without there being an end, then there shouldn’t be a storyline to it because you would never be able to finish the story.  I think that they made a good decision to not have a storyline to the game because it does make the game a bit more cheesy in the storyline.  If they were to implement a story, it would have to be like the ninja stole some high value nuts from the squirrels and the squirrels are trying to get them back but you have to run up in order to escape them.

It is kind of a like a Temple Run set up where you have to run forever from those evil monsters or else they will eat you.  So basically it is just like a storyline where the gameplay is neverending and you will never make it out from the evil thing that is chasing you.  In terms of originality, the actual artwork of all these little creatures is pretty unique and original, but the concept of the game which is that you are running forever and then tapping occasionally to dodge objects along with get powerups is not original because the concept has been used over and over again in multiple games before this one.

This game does have this hopping from wall to wall kind of gameplay which makes it a ton of fun and I have not seen a game that was similar to it before and I do like that the gameplay is more fast paced as you go along to a point where your mind just can’t keep up, but I think that that concept is pretty much used in any type of game where you need the person to end eventually and see what their high score is.  So overall, I think that the game is original in the artwork and everything like that but the concept is missing.

General Gameplay

I would give NinJump a 9/10.  The gameplay is pretty straightforward in that you just have to click the screen or tap the screen in order to move to the other side of the wall so that you will be able to avoid the other objects that will come in your way.  These simple controls make it so that pretty much anybody can play the game and it also makes the game more interesting for people who are watching these people play.  It makes it so that those players who are watching someone else play the game think that they can also play the game well enough to beat the person playing.  So these simple and easy controls make it easy for other people to want to play the game when they are watching someone else play.

The power-ups are pretty decent with the shield to defend yourself against squirrels as well as the other powerups that help you to increase your score are pretty good but these are pretty much overused in every game so it is nothing unique and what you kind of expect in a game like NinJump so it is pretty much what you might see in a game like Temple Run which is good or bad depending on whether players like that kind of power-ups in the game or not.  I do like how the game does incorporate the game center into the game because it allows you to compare yourself to other people as well as your friends that you make on Game Center because it allows people to understand how they are faring against their friends and other people in the world giving them a bit of encouragement in the form of competition.

This competitive spirit kind of drives people to do a lot better in terms of trying to get better than their friends at the game and makes them play more and also get more people to play to try and assert dominance over their friends in this game.  The in-app purchases that are available are also not unfair to anybody because they just consist of no ads or not having any ads pop up after every single run.  The only in-app purchases that you can get are these shields that you can use which can get you a bit further, so it is possibly a little bit of an advantage, but it isn’t really that important because it doesn’t really get you that much farther in the game than you can already get without using the shields.  I would like it if the gameplay had some different objects whenever you hit some kind of landmark of a score of 10,000 or something like that where some of the obstacles change and they do different stuff and then every 10,000 or so, it changes again so it makes people have to figure out what to do after the 10,000 mark and then it would be kind of more of an adventure rather than the repetitive style that it is.


I would give NinJump a 7/10.  I think that NinJump is pretty addicting considering the amount of fun that you can have by trying to get further and further throughout the course, but I also think that the competitive aspect needs a little bit more work.  Possibly if people could challenge each other on a more basic level like facing each other on a dual screen, I think that it would be more exciting and more fun than trying to face each other by using scores.  I think the little bit of a trying to get further and further kind of mindset makes people want to get further and further on the course because they think that “if only I could have dodged that” then they want to continue playing.  This game is a good time waster and if they made the game more competitive, I think that the game would be even more successful than it is and people would have a ton more fun in the game.  The in-app purchases aren’t too tempting, so it’s pretty good for that so that you are just going to keep on going unless you are going for a real high score so that you can get an even higher score using the shields that you can use for a price.

Overall Rating

Overall, I would give NinJump a 8/10.