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TIME :2022-07-03

Tower Boxing Cheats & Tips for Coins – Newest Working Hacks

What is better than an easy to play, addicting, time wasting game? Besides free food I can’t think of much else. People easily get addicted to games like this and will play them to exhaustion just to try and boost their high score higher than those of their friends. Tower Boxing could very well be the next viral mobile game to be like this as it has all of the right features in place to do so. It is fun, easy to play, incredibly addictive, and a wonderful way to waste 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or even a few hours! Tower Boxing currently has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play store and has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. You can get it on the Apple App Store, too.

The premise of Tower Boxing is quite simple yet also very unique. You are a large, monster like character and your goal is to knock down skyscrapers floor by floor. Seems easy enough right? Wrong. As you attempt to knock down the skyscrapers there are multiple obstacles thrown in your way which can end your building smashing spree as well as a timer that will run out if you aren’t smashing at an extremely rapid pace. There are 18 different characters available for you to unlock as well as plenty of achievements to unlock and leader boards to climb. Tower Boxing is a free to play game although all of the in game content is accessible without the need for any in app purchases.

Tower Boxing gives you the option to connect the game to your Google Play Games account. Once you do this you will receive access to 19 different achievements for you to complete as well as online leader boards and cloud saving so you can access your high scores across multiple devices.

Tower Boxing Hack for Coins

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Tower Boxing Background Info

Tower Boxing is very straightforward with its game play. When you first start you will see your character standing next to a seemingly endless building and then two arrows on the left and right sides of the screen labeled tap. As you tap on these arrows your character will move to the side of the screen that the arrow is on and smash the floor of the building that he is next to. As you are smashing your way through the building there will be balconies and other obstacles coming out of the building.

Avoid these at all costs because if you are trapped underneath one you will be the one who gets smashed and it will be game over. Right now you may be thinking “Well couldn’t I just take it slow and carefully avoid these balconies and other obstacles?” and the answer to that question is yes of course you can, if you want to lose. As you play the game there is a timer bar at the top of the screen that runs down for every moment that you aren’t smashing the skyscraper.

The only way to actually play the game without timing out and losing is to tap the screen at an incredibly brisk pace which makes it much harder to avoid obstacles as they come at you much more quickly. This makes the game much more of a challenge but it also makes it much more rewarding when you finally beat you or your friend’s high score. As you are smashing your way through the floors of these skyscrapers there will be coins that appear in various places for you to collect and you can find your current coin total in the upper right hand corner of the screen. These coins are used to purchase new characters for you to play with.

While these different characters may not make much of an impact at all in your game play, it is still quite fun nonetheless to save up for the different characters you want and then play as them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to smash a building as a giant goat, or a jumbo sized kangaroo, or even Tiger Wuss, a parody character based on the famous pro golfer Tiger Woods. The rest of the in game menus are quite simple and laid out in a very convenient manor. On the main menu screen of the game you will find a settings icon in the upper left hand corner that when clicked on will bring you options for turning the music and sound effects on and off, changing the game’s language, and viewing the credits for the game.

In the upper right hand side of the screen you will find your current coin total. In the middle of the screen you will find a play button and underneath that there is a Google Play Games button, an achievements button, a leader board button, a button that will take you to the character shop, and a button that will show you other games made by the developer.

Tower Boxing is currently on version 1.0.4 and is available on both ios and android phones and tablets. It does require that you own either an android device with android version 2.3 gingerbread or later or an ios device running at least ios 5.1.1 or later which gives it a very large pool of compatible devices. It is not a very graphically demanding game so most devices should have no trouble running it as long as they have a compatible operating system.

Tower Boxing is one of the few free games available without a large amount of in app purchases and with all of its in game content available without having to pay real money. There is a singular in app purchase option for $1.99 that removes all ads and gives you 10,000 coins to spend on characters. This option is very reasonably priced and can be used when you don’t feel like grinding the game for coins to unlock some of the pricier characters as well as being a great way to support the developers for making such a great game.

Cheats & Tips for Tower Boxing

Tower boxing may be a fairly simple and straightforward game to play, but that does not mean that there are not strategies and tips available to make it easier to achieve that high score that you want. When you are first getting used to the game it is important to disregard the timer and just start out slow and steady so that you can get a feel for the controls and the way the game plays, once you get comfortable with your tower boxing skills you can then start to speed things up and try to get some nice high scores. Once you are used to the game play and are trying to smash as many floors of the skyscraper as you can do not start off going as fast as you can, start off at a decently quick, consistent speed and gradually increase the pace of your tapping over time.


This will help you avoid making any mistakes in the early stages of the game that will force you to start your run over again. Keeping that in mind though, if you want to achieve a score over 100 then you will have to tap the screen pretty quickly or else the timer will run out and you will find yourself hitting a wall where you cannot advance past a certain score without increasing the pace of your taps. Another useful tip is to not pay attention to the coins while you are playing. Trying to get coins will distract you from the real task at hand and you will end up running the timer down or getting hit by a balcony. Just playing the game without paying attention to the coins will allow you to collect plenty of them without any need to worry about doing so otherwise.


Probably the most important tip I can give you for Tower Boxing is to always go for the areas that do not have many balconies or obstacles on them because they will allow you to reach higher score much easier than simply avoiding every obstacle right before you see it. The game creates plenty of long blank spaces on the sides of the skyscrapers for you to smash through without having the fear of hitting an obstacle so take advantage of that.

Tower Boxing Review

I personally greatly enjoyed playing Tower Boxing. I mean, what’s not to like about an easy to play game that is loads of fun as well? The classic digital graphics brought back nostalgic memories of old school arcade games as well as giving the game a really cool look and feel. I found it really easy to get caught up in trying to beat my high score and wasting tons of time playing the game and that is exactly what you want out of games like this. The game play was always smooth and lag free on my phone which is always nice to see. The variety of different unlockable characters was another thing that I really liked as they were all very well made, unique and funny characters. I also greatly appreciated the free to play model that the developers used in Tower Boxing, as the ads were not bad at all and everything is accessible without the need for in app purchases, and speaking of in app purchases, instead of there being multiple confusing options there is just one simple in app purchase that is a very reasonable $0.99.


Tower Boxing does a great job of being incredibly addictive and it is reminiscent of older hit addictive games such as Temple Run or Flappy Bird although what it brings to the table is completely different from all other games that I have played. The soundtrack is also really cool and it does a great job of bringing a nice old school arcade like feel to the game.



Artwork: I give Tower Boxing a 10/10 for its artwork. The digital old school graphics really looked phenomenal and all of the different animations and effects looked incredible. I especially liked how all of the menus also kept the same old school graphic scheme which made everything in the game nice and unified.

Music and Sound Effects: I give Tower Boxing a 10/10 for its music and sound effects. The soundtrack does a fantastic job of emulating the feeling of classic arcade games as well as just being well made and sounding nice in general. The sound effects were all also implemented very nicely into Tower Boxing and they added a very cool and fun touch to the game.

Story and Originality: I give tower Boxing a 8/10 for its story and originality. While there is not really much of a background story as to why these giant creatures are attempting to smash down these large corporate skyscrapers (perhaps they were unhappy with the products the companies that resided in the buildings were putting out, or maybe they just had a little too much to drink) the game play and overall premise to the game is one of the more original game ideas that I have played.

General Game Play: I give Tower Boxing a 10/10 for its general game play. The controls were very smooth and easy to learn and always did just what I wanted them to do. The game play was always very lag free and enjoyable which is always a very important aspect to look for in mobile games.

Addictiveness: I give Tower Boxing a 10/10 for addictiveness. I would give this game an 11/10 or even higher if I could. This was truly one of the most addicting games that I have ever played on a mobile device and it is always very hard to put down whenever you start playing. I usually do not keep many games on my phone due to the limited amount of storage that I have available but this app will be staying on there due to how much I truly enjoy playing it.

Overall, I give Tower Boxing a 9/10