The Silent Age Episode Two (2): Walkthrough

TIME :2022-07-03

The Silent Age
By: House on Fire


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for The Silent Age episode 2. I’ll be adding photos as well, but for now please use the videos if you need visuals. Keep in mind, both the text and video walkthroughs are the bare minimum you need to complete the game. I recommend exploring more to thoroughly enjoy the game. The walkthrough is meant to help you if you get stuck — not to replace the experience of playing the game yourself. :)

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Chapter 6: The Island

You can watch the video walkthrough, or follow the step-by-step text walkthrough below.

1. Open the box and take the trophy.

2. Open the back door of the ambulance and take the jack and enema pump. Take the fuel cap off the ambulance’s fuel tank. Use the enema pump on the fuel tank to fill it with fuel.

3. Walk to the boat and use the trophy to drain the rain water from it. Then use the enema pump on the motor. Climb into the boat to get it moving.

4. Walk to the gate and use the jack to make an opening you can fit through and head in.

5. Pick up the shears. Use them to cut a hole in the chainlink fence and head through it.

6. The trailer door is unlocked. Go inside and turn on the light. Take the small red key on the right.

7. Leave and head right. Use the red key to open the junction box. Turn on the power to electrocute the fish in the pond. Then turn off the power again.

8. Head right past the pond and open the grill. Take the tongs. Use the tongs to pick up the dead fish.

9. Go back and feed the fish to the crocodile. Go right and pick up the chainsaw. It needs fuel.

10. Head back to the trailer/lab and use the chainsaw with the moonshine.

11. Go back to the locked door that the crocodile was guarding and use the chainsaw to get through.

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Chapter 7: The House

You can watch the video walkthrough, or follow the step-by-step text walkthrough below.

1. Open the dresser drawer and take the box of matches.

2. Head through the open door to the left and pick up the wine opener (corkscrew).

3. Take some books off the shelf and place them in the fireplace to use as tinder. Use the matches to light a fire.

4. Lift up the zebra skin rug. There’s a trap door here. Use the wine opener to open the trap door and go down.

5. Go through the open door to the right and take the lightbulb off the shelf.

6. Go back upstairs and head back right to the first room. Place the bulb in the lamp. It will charge up your time traveling device so you can use it again.

7. If you travel to the future now, you’ll see an axe stuck in a tree, but you can’t get to it. Go back in time and head left.

8. Travel to the future and head left. Pick up the twig. Travel back in time and head downstairs.

9. Travel to the future and pick up the fire extinguisher.

10. Travel back in time and go right. Travel to the future and open the barrel of oil. Dip the twig in the barrel.

11. Go back in time and make your way back upstairs. Place the twig in the fireplace to make a torch.

12. Time travel and fill the fire extinguisher from the water collection system.

13. Head back to where the axe was and use the torch to light the vines. Put the fire out with the extinguisher and take the axe.

14. Go back downstairs and use the axe on the locked wooden door. Head through.

15. Pick up the lava lamp. Time travel and plug the lamp in on the right side of the room. Pick up the bottle nearby.

16. Time travel and go back through the broken door. Place the bottle in the empty slot by the wine bottles. A hidden door opens! Head through and watch the cutscene for the rest of the chapter.

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Chapter 8: Outside Archon

You can watch the video walkthrough, or follow the step-by-step text walkthrough below.

1. Walk to the left meter and get a quarter from it. Then head into the nightclub.

2. Pick up another quarter from the table. Time travel and pick up the cable that’s hanging down.

3. Time travel again and leave the bar. Time travel and tie the cable to the right meter so you can climb down the hole.

4. Time travel and take a quarter from the phone to the right.

5. Go left. Time travel so the street performer is dead. Take a quarter from his hat. Climb back up the rope and head to the bar.

6. Order a drink from the bartender using the dollar you now have. While he’s mixing you a dance drink, press the button to lower the disco ball and take it.

7. Feel free to drink some of your drink. Then head back down to the subway. Time travel and go inside the subway car.

8. Time travel again and hang the disco ball up by the ray of light. Now you can see a screwdriver. Take it, time travel and head back out.

9. Time travel and head all the way to the left. Use the screwdriver to open the vent. Head through.

10. Inside, open the valve. You’ll hear water rushing through. Head back up and go to the bar. If you check the bartender’s dead body now, there will be a gun (revolver). Take the gun.

11. Head back to the vent and go inside. Time travel. Use the revolver on the switch to stop the fan from spinning. You’ll see an old man limp away. Follow him, shutting the second fan control box on your way.

12. Take the wire cutters from the toolbox. Then time travel and remove the grating with your hands.

13. Go back to the subway and cut the subway cables with the wire cutter. Then head inside the subway car and take the the wrench while the mechanic is distracted.

14. Go back through the vent and through the newly-opened vent. Time travel and use the wrench to open the hatch. Go down to complete the chapter.

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Chapter 9: Inside Archon

You can watch the video walkthrough, or follow the step-by-step text walkthrough below.

1. Press the control panel to open the elevator door and head through.

2. Time travel and take the security card 4 from the corpse’s hand.

3. Continue right, and enter the second door. Time travel and go through the round door. Pick up the instant camera near the time machine. Then go back to the main hallway.

4. Time travel and use the key card to open the left door. Go through. Walk to the right and use the camera to take a photo of the eyes of the second man in a cryo container.

5. Continue right to the end of the room and press the button to open the door. Go in. Take the apple core from the trash and turn on the light behind the x-rays. Also, talk to Frank.

7. Use the photo of the eyes on the scanner by the door to the left to open it. Talk to the scientist in the lab. He asks you to get him an apple and fix the leak.

8. Time travel and get the shovel. Time travel again and go back to the elevator. Time travel, then use the shovel to pick up some soil.

9. On your way back from the elevator, there will be an earthquake. You need to find out what it was. Go back to the room with the time machine. It’s missing!

10. Go back to the room where you met Frank and open the bottom drawer all the way to the right. Make sure you’re in the present (not future). The drawer will catch the water, “fixing” the leak. Place the soil in the drawer and then add the apple core. Travel to the future and pick an apple off the tree.

11. Go back to the lab and give the apple to the scientist. He’ll leave to eat it. Take the bubbling beaker (hydrofluoric acid) he left on the table.

12. Go back to the machine outside the room where the time machine used to be. After the cutscene forces you to hide, go back to the same room and pour the acid on he machine.

13. Go through the round door and and talk to Lambert. He’ll take your time traveling device and ask you to read some numbers off the machine. Do so and he’ll give it back to you. Use it to complete the chapter.

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Chapter 10: Moebius Trip

You can watch the video walkthrough, or follow the step-by-step text walkthrough below.

1. Your time-traveling device broke on your way here, so you’ll have to make do without it. :( Go left, through all the open doors, until you see a shovel. Pick it up.

2. Go back a bit and use the shovel to remove all the dirt and debris blocking the doorway. Head inside and take the cloth from the first aid kit. You can also remove the gas mask from the corpse, but you won’t get anything from it.

3. Go back a bit to where you saw dripping water and wet the cloth with it. Then go back to where you found the shovel and use the wet cloth to clean off the solar panel. It’s now charging the generator.

4. Go back to the dripping water. Turn on the generator in this room and it will light up a corpse in the wall. Take the machete from it.

5. Go back to the first aid kit and sharpen the machete on the block of concrete to the left.

6. Go back to the solar panel and continue left until you come to some overgrown roots. Use the machete to cut through them. Go through the opening.

7. It’s Frank! Take the cup from him and run back to the dripping water to fill it up. Give the cup of water to him. He’ll give you a fuse.

8. Go all the way back to the beginning of the chapter and place the fuse into the time machine. Then press the button to use it.

9. You’re back at Archon. Take the key from the knocked-out guard. Then pick up the piece of broken frame from the time machine. Use the broken frame on the cracked/fragile wall behind you to make an opening. Climb through.

10. It turns out Joe is the “foreign organism.” That coughing you kept seeing? He brought something back with him that wiped out civilization. He needs to find a way to prevent that now.

11. Go back to the room where you first met Frank. Use the key to open the drawer with the sticky note on it. Take the cryo console manual from inside.

12. Go back to the cryo room. Use the manual with the cryo chamber console. The empty cryo container is now unlocked. Climb inside (yep!).

13. You wake up in a hospital. Pick up the piece of paper that’s on the monitoring equipment. Then pull the chain hanging from the ceiling to open the door. Leave the room.

14. Open door 3 and go through. Talk to the jittery man. He asks you for pen and paper. Look under the cozy chair for a remote control, then leave the room.

15. Enter room 2. Use the remote on the TV so the guy blocking your way will walk off. Take the crutch.

16. Go back to your own room and use the crutch to get the pens down from the closet. Pick up the pen from the floor.

17. Go back to room 3 and hand the jittery man the pen and paper. He’ll write down a four-digit code for you.

18. Leave the room and use the paper on the keypad by the locked door. Go through and talk to the doctor. She’ll explain what happened. When you’re ready to complete the game, talk to her again to watch the ending. Congratulations! You completed the game!

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