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TIME :2022-07-03

Soul Hunters Wiki Strategy Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatSoul Hunters Wiki Strategy Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat. Soul Hunters is a Role Playing game developed by Lilith Games and is available for Android on Google Play. If your interested the developers have an almost identical game called Rush of Heroes.

This Soul Hunters Wiki, Strategy Guide and FAQ can be updated daily depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for more Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Please leave comments and questions below.

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Strategy Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat

Arena – The Arena is a great place to find out what works and what doesn’t. Make sure to always check the DPS stats at the end of every battle as they can show you very strong characters you might be missing out on.

Dailies – Doing Daily Quests is the fastest way to level up. These type of game are gear to keep you coming back every day for a long time and it shows in the dailies. When you unlock a new area there will usually bea daily quest that goes along with it. So the higher  the level the more options that will be available for faster leveling.

Fragments – Almost every level specific area will have its own type of currency and shop. Here you can find hero specific shards that can increase their star rank much faster. Each area will often carry at least one uber class that is close to if not the best in the game.

This developer tend to give players at least one really good character right away and the options to get some more of the best very soon. Making the wrong choice when choosing a team can hold you back big time since some heroes are really bad choices. Purchasing 10 Diamond Chests int he Summoners Circle is one of the best ways to get strong party members, though it may take a bit to save up the 2,500 gems needed.