How to walk the walk in Nimble Quest - hints, tips, and tricks

TIME :2022-07-03
As you may or may not already know, Pocket Planes developer NimbleBit has finally released colourful Call of Snakes-inspired dungeon-crawler Nimble Quest.

Can you remember the Snake game that came pre-loaded on Nokia phones back in 1998? Well, Nimble Quest is exactly like that.

Basically, you have to guide a band of adventurers that career endlessly forwards around a variety of enemy-packed arenas, ensuring that they don't collide with obstacles and scenery.

Things, as always, aren't as simple as they first sound. So, we've constructed this handy little Nimble Quest guide for you.



Nimble Quest's controls couldn't be simpler. Swipe to the right of your device's screen, and your on-screen brawlers will begin to travel to the right.

If you swipe left, they'll begin to travel to the left side of your device. Swipe up, and they'll travel up. Swipe down, and they'll move down.

Simple. Just like we said.


There are two different forms of currency in Nimble Quest: Gems, which are dotted around each battlefield you descend upon; and Tokens, which - naturally - are a lot rarer.

Gems come in various colours, which denote their worth. Blue Gems, for example, are worth five regular (a.k.a. Green) Gems, while Red Gems (which have to be unlocked via an in-app purchase) are worth ten regular Gems.

You can spend your hard-earned Gems on upgrading your various characters, and on increasing the potency of the various power-ups that appear during battles.

Tokens enable you, among other things, to [a] replay levels if you accidentally fall prey to a nasty enemy, [b] recruit team members, and [c] activate buffs (more on those a little later).

You can either earn Tokens by watching videos inside the Nimble Quest app, or buy them via in-app purchases.


There are 15 different heroes from which to choose in Nimble Quest. These include a brave knight, a swift archer, and a powerful mage.

Choose a hero, and any other adventurers you recruit will follow him closely into battle. It's important, then, that your heroes are as powerful as they possibly can be.

As mentioned above, you can upgrade each hero by spending some of your Gems. Don't enhance all 15 brawlers, though.

Upgrades are expensive, so choose two or three of your favourite character classes and commit to improving those first.

Buffs and power-ups

Buffs and power-ups are two very different beasts.

You can activate buffs just before you enter a battle. These cost Tokens, and must be re-activated every time you perish at the hands of a foe.

Buffs have a number of different effects, such as improving the health of your heroes and increasing the attack speed of your entire party by a whopping 25 percent.

You can pick up power-ups (such as potions that heal your adventurers, and magnets that attract Gems) in the heat of battle, though they only last for a brief period of time.

Definitely spend some Gems in the in-game store upgrading these bad boys.

You should upgrade them all over time, but we suggest you start with the 'Increase Gems in Chests' perk first. With this, you'll earn Gems faster, which - in turn - enables you to upgrade more power-ups more quickly.

The 'Increase Potion healing' and 'Increase Attack speed duration' perks are worthy recipients of your cash, too.

Battle tips

Upgrades, buffs, and the leveling-up of your characters are important, but you still won't last long if you don't know how to fight.

Always try to outflank enemies and attack them from the sides, for example. If you charge headlong at an opponent, you're likely to suffer a pretty swift death.

Follow the rules below, and you'll extend the life of your heroes. Slightly.
  • Protect the leader of your group. If he dies, your whole team will perish instantly.
  • Similarly, defeat the leader of an opposing group to instantly wipe out the entire party.
  • Pick up any heroes you encounter in battle. They'll join your team and bolster your attack formation.
  • Heroes and Gems don't stick around on the battlefield forever, so grab them as soon as you see them.
It's also important to remember that you can spend any spoils you earn in Nimble Quest's Arena mode on upgrades, heroes, and more in the game's Story mode.