How to speed ahead in Motor World: Car Factory - hints, tips, and tricks

Just to let you know: I'm a big fan of Motor World: Car Factory.

Since progress can be a little slow going in this new game from Oh Bibi Socialtainment, though, I thought I'd pen a guide to help you all power ahead.

The key to making more money (and being as efficient as you possibly can) is your workforce. So, that's what this guide focuses on: getting the most out of your workers and constructing your own top team.

That way, the cash will start to pouring in, leaving you to concentrate on expanding your car collection.

Let's hit the gas...


Your workers are invaluable - they're crucial to getting anything done in the game. You'll need them for building both cars and buildings, so the way in which you handle and construct your team is of the utmost importance.

The cost of purchasing workers increases every time you hire a new employee, but you can get free workers by hiring real-life friends on Facebook. This is a great way of beefing up your staff without forking out a load of in-game cash that would be better spent elsewhere.

That said, you don't need a gigantic workforce at all, especially in the early portions of the game. A limited number of your men and women will be able to work on one car at a time, so if you're only manufacturing a single vehicle, you'll have a lot of people idly milling about the shop floor.

You can increase the number of people working on a vehicle by doing extensive research into Fordism. This is an invaluable process in terms of speeding up workflow, though it's unlikely you'll have the money to be able to do so at the beginning.

Work hard

However, it's definitely useful to have at least one more worker than you think you need. Sometimes, you'll get Quests that are on a timer, which challenge you to create a certain number of vehicles in a small amount of time.

It's here that the spare worker is a blessing. For while your main team is hammering away at producing the first requested car, you can have another squad steadily chipping away at the earlier (and much faster) phases of the car's development. When your crack team of workers is finished with its project, it can then run back and turbo boost the other's creation.

A note on Doughnuts for you now. Doughnuts are used to level-up your workers. And since they're an automatically replenishing resource, you should use up every last crumb of this delicious snack just before you quit the game, especially right before you finish playing for the day. Again, you can pay for more Doughnuts, but each time you replenish, the cost rises.

One element of the game that isn't brilliantly explained in the game is the use of Items to improve their efficiency. You gain these periodically, and while their effect isn't great, they're a free bonus and worth using up. After tapping the 'Employees' option under 'Action', select 'Items' to see what you can assign in the three available slots.


Now, we come onto the relationship between your workers and the buildings. And it's a little more tricky than you first think.

Buildings automatically generate money for you... whether you're in the game or not. This is different from car construction (you have to be actively playing for cars to be made). Buildings are, therefore, extremely useful, though their purchase price is very high, and it takes time for them to be made.

First things first: don't bother wasting your cash on buildings until you're a little more financially stable than you are at the beginning. Remember: buildings are long-term investments. Making cars, however, can net you a lot of money very, very quickly.

You also won't be able to make buildings as quickly as you'd like, for your workforce isn't skilled or large enough to make it through a session of building without your running out of Doughnuts. So, put a couple of hours into the game and amass a chunk of change before you start this process.

Ideally, you'll also have finished the totally separate research tree under 'Shop' around the same time. By completing this research tree, more workers will be able to help with constructing buildings. If you haven't, this process is going to be super-slow.

Regardless, set your workers about their business, and leave the game running while you read all the latest stories on Pocket Gamer, only listening out for the tell-tale bleep of a worker running out of energy. When a worker is on its last legs, chuck a Doughnut its way to get it back on its feet.

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