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Peggle Blast Tips, Tricks and Cheats: 6 Ways to Get a Three

Electronic Arts’ mobile title Peggle Blast, which is available on Android and iOS, offers gamers a chance to “take (their) best shot with a blend of luck, skill, and joyous thrills”. But what’s to expect from this game? Basically, you’ll be taking part in “peg-popping” challenges, which include clearing orange pegs in order to get bonus points, and hitting trick shots that are guaranteed to “make you smile for weeks.” You’ll also have a chance to learn from Peggle Masters as they teach you their powers. Now, that you know the basics of the game, we’re here to help you make your way up the ladder and unlock as many levels as possible, while scoring a lot of points. Below you can find 6 great Peggle Blast tips, that we’ve gathered.

1. Aim For The Highest Possible Score

When undertaking a peg-popping challenge, you always want your score to be as high as it could be. You’ll get a list of your goals before beginning each level, but while you’re achieving those, you should also focus on boosting your score beyond what’s expected of you.

2. Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses

You can increase that Peggle Blast score by going for as many trick shots as possible. Examples of bonuses for “trick shots” include long shot and sliding shot bonuses, though you can also earn bonus points in other, less flashy ways, such as popping a purple peg. When sliding, shoot for the middle part of the first brick inside the loop so that way you can clear more pegs and get a higher bonus score.

3. Shoot Off Walls To Prevent Phoenix Eggs From Hatching

To keep Phoenix eggs from hatching, you should ensure that they remain protected by the pegs around them, and a good way to do this is to have your shot bounce off the walls. Remember that these eggs will automatically hatch once they hit the bucket on the way down.

4. Zoom In For A Better Aim On Those Trick Shots

While aiming, you can hold down your finger in order to zoom in on your target. This allows you to home in during those trick shots, which can be very important, because as the term implies, these aren’t very easy shots to make.

5. Move Time Forward To Get More Lives

Ah, the age-old cheat of advancing the time on your mobile device in order to get more lives. It works on Peggle Blast too, and just as you usually would, you will first have to turn off the app and remove it from your device’s memory cache. Go next to your device’s settings and skip time forward by a couple hours or so. Return to the game and you’ll have all your lives back. Now all you’ll have to do is switch the time back to normal once you’re done, as you wouldn’t want to miss any important appointments.

6. Connect Your Game To Facebook And Add More Friends

This is another tried and tested trick that can help you throughout the game. Connect Peggle Blast to Facebook, add as many actively playing friends as you want, and you’ll have all the help that you need along the way.