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CivMiner Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Earn More Rubies

TIME :2022-07-03
Naquatic’s CivMiner is the sequel to the company’s previous CivCrafter, and just to let you know, this has nothing to do with Sid Meier’s iconic Civilization series. You shall be playing the role of a miner as you search for monsters, loot, and fame in strange lands. You can become a world-renowned explorer, collect artifacts from ancient Civs (civilizations, that is), fight monsters, and even run your own oil empire as you compete in the Oil Conquest. For the latter, you can either raid other players and “siphon” their oil, or do things the “old fashioned” and legal way. In terms of mechanics, we’d say this is and endless clicker game. And if you want to survive CivMiner’s rather unique type of gameplay, we’ve got a collection of CivMiner cheats, tips and tricks you can try out.

1. String Those Combos Together

While you may just keep on tapping or clicking and hoping something sticks, you will eventually make some decisions on your own, while paying attention to what takes place on your screen. That would be when you face blocks that are harder and harder to break; start stringing a combo together by tapping and breaking identical block types. Most people work in the middle, but you can also try creating combos while checking the sides.

2. Go Down Endlessly

In CivMiner, you are, quite obviously, a miner, and your only main objective here is to go down and reach the depths of the earth. Focus primarily on digging in the middle of your phone or tablet’s screen.

3. Take Advantage Of The Social Elements Of The Game

There’s a lot of social-related things to consider, starting with joining an active clan that’s more than just decent. Clans that are more active and more persistent in gathering artifacts and mining oil would help you by adding to the damage capabilities of your shovel and giving you a better chance of earning rubies – the game’s premium currency. You can also link your game to CivCrafter, if you happen to have both titles on your mobile phone.

4. Don’t Rely Too Much On The Boosts

Boosts will definitely be of help to you when you’re playing the harder levels, but we believe that it may be foolhardy for you to use them arbitrarily, or if the going is still too easy. For example, you should pay attention to the meter on top of your display, and save your boosts for a time when you’re nearing a boss battle. Which is what we’ll be discussing next.

5. Lose Your Boss Battle Every Now And Then

Bosses get harder to deal with over each level, but there’s nothing wrong with losing to them once in a while – we’re talking about once every three battles, or about one in two months tops. But why should you even think about losing? As it turns out, many have noticed that they’d be getting more free ruby blocks after they play the boss battle.

Do you know any other tips and tricks for CivMiner? In case you do, please share them with us, fellow players!