Tetris Blitz Cheats & Tips to Get Stellar Scores

I don’t know about you, but I got really addicted to Tetris Blitz and I play it like a maniac, trying to get past the 350,000 points mark right now. However, I was surprised to hear that my friends can’t even get past 200,000 points, so I have decided to create this Tetris Blitz cheats & tips article to help them and everybody else in their situation get some better highscores and top those leaderboards like the bosses they are.

Some of the tips below are nothing but common sense tips, others are probably things you haven’t thought about so far, but either way they’re here and they will hopefully help you improve your game. So let’s check out together the Tetris Blitz cheats and tips below!

tetris blitz cheats

Tetris Blitz Tip #1: Don’t waste time!
This is a pretty obvious one since we’re talking about a game that only gives us 2 minutes to play. By “don’t waste time” I mean that you should always use one of the default placements offered by the game and never change – you can waste valuable seconds and it’s usually not worth the time.

Tetris Blitz Tip #2: Get into Frenzy mode as often as possible
Stacking high and waiting for that 4 piece bar? That’s the strategy to go for to unlock Frenzy mode, and once you do, make sure to cascade as many lines as possible (so instead of waiting for the perfect piece, keep completing lines to get the advantage of the chain reactions and the double points you gain).

Tetris Blitz Tip #3: Get all the free coins possible!
I would suggest getting a big load of coins before jumping into trying the power-ups available. You can earn a ton of free coins by Spinning the wheel every 6 hours, connecting on Facebook (50,000 coins!) or completing special offers in the game. Only when you have a lot invest in a lot of power-ups

Tetris Blitz Tip #4: Power-ups
The sad reality is that power-ups are what help us get the biggest scores and some are better than the others. Lasers and Time Shift (or, even better, a combination of these two) can perform wonders, while the Multiplier (or other power-ups of the week) can turn you into a scoring freak easily. The idea is to be patient, get a lot of money and purchase them in packs and use more than one power-up per game. This way your scores will sky-rocket!

Tetris Blitz Tip #5: Play with sounds off
I found that whenever I hear the timer ticking and letting me know that there are just a few seconds left, I panic and as a result I play randomly. This doesn’t do good to my score, so turning the sounds off actually helps me play the game and only be surprised when it’s game over.

Tetris Blitz Tip #6: Stack them high!
Of course, you should keep an eye on the clock! When you know that the time’s almost up, unless you are in frenzy mode, focus on getting as many tetriminos on the board as possible. At the end, during the last hurray, they will all fall and fill in the empty spaces and you could end up scoring a ton when those gaps are filled.

Tetris Blitz Tip #7: Keep playing
No Tetris Blitz game is like the other and if you want to score big, all you have to do is to keep playing. Gather coins, buy power-ups, use them and then do it again and again. That’s the only way to do it if you want to become a “pro” and crush your friends on the leaderboards.

What other tips and tricks do you have when playing Tetris Blitz? Let us know in the comment section below!