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Crazy Taxi City Rush Cheats: 6 Great Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

TIME :2022-07-03
SEGA’s Crazy Taxi City Rush is a game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users that rewards you pretty much for driving your cab like a madman. You can do all sorts of tricks in the game, all in the name of driving as crazily as possible, to earn yourself more points and rewards. As a new feature for this sequel to the original Crazy Taxi, you can customize your cab and make it as flashy or as powerful as you want, or even “collect a whole fleet of cabs.” Other features include the option to listen to music from your own collection of files while driving, as well as an “all-new cast” of passengers and a brand-new city.

That being said, you’ll want to buckle up for the moment, as we’ve got some Crazy Taxi City Rush cheats and tips for anyone who plays the game, may they be new players or existing ones.

1. Speed Up Time And Get Unlimited Free Gas

Like many other mobile games, Crazy Taxi City Rush hasn’t nerfed the time lapse cheat yet. Doing this, which basically entails exiting the game, advancing the time, then returning to the game, will bring your gas meter back to full; the gas meter loses one unit for every mission you go on.

2. Collect Diamonds, Even If The Game Doesn’t Tell You To

One drawback of Crazy Taxi City Rush is that it doesn’t tell you explicitly that diamonds are the premium currency. This means you’ll have to go to your profile and manually claim your rewards by tapping on every section.

3. Upgrade Boost Capacity And Power

There are many things you can upgrade in this game, but the most important ones, and the first ones you should pay attention to, include your taxi’s body and boost stats. The former would be helpful as it protects you from obstacles on the road, while the latter will give you what you need to deal with tougher levels in the game.

4. Pay Attention To The Green Arrow

You will definitely encounter some sharp turns in the game, so make sure you’re ready once you see the green arrow pointing to where you should turn next. This won’t come immediately, so keep on practicing so you could get your turning techniques down pat.

5. Smash Everything – Use Your Cab As An Attack Vehicle

That means smashing into things and causing all sorts of mayhem in the city with your reckless driving. Remember the name of the game is Crazy Taxi City Rush – you don’t get points and money for driving carefully, but rather for driving like a maniac.

6. Connect Your Game To Facebook To Earn Extra Coins

No, we’re not going to force you to add all your friends to City Rush even if they’re not interested. If your game is connected to Facebook, you get 3,000 coins immediately just for doing that, and that’s a sweet reward even if you choose to add anyone to your game. You also don’t get penalized anything for unlinking your game.