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Demonic Savior Cheats and Strategy Guide: 5 Easy

Demonic Savior is a new action mobile game by Com2uS, which allows you to choose from a variety of characters, each of them with their own fighting styles, strengths and weaknesses. The game promises a compelling multi-scenario storyline and vivid graphics, with a total of 300 grand quests that include 60 main and sub-quests per character. Currently, the game is only available on the Android platform. So if you’re on an Android phone or tablet and hoping to get a higher score and clear more quests, check out our share of Demonic Savior cheats and strategy guide for easy reference.

1. Don’t Always Complete Standard Attack Combos

Of course, you would want to see a combo through and finish it in fighting games such as Demonic Savior and that is often the case in here. But if you’re playing as Veras, for instance, you may be better off interrupting his combo right before the final move. That final move ends up with him behind the enemy, leaving him vulnerable for a surprise attack, so in this case, you’ll want to stop before that last dash attack and restart the combo.

2. Take Out Multiple Enemies In One Go, If Possible

Your characters’ attacks would typically focus on one area, which would make it very practical to bunch all your enemies together and run off a series of combos and other attacks to get rid of them in one go. This allows you to save mana, especially if you’re only using normal attacks, and while you may take a bit more damage than if you would take your enemies out one by one, it’s still worth it in the grander scheme of things.

3. Farm For Experience By Letting Enemies Respawn

One quirk in this game is the speed in which enemy characters respawn. But you can actually turn this into a good thing and use it to your advantage if you’re farming for experience. If you’re in need of XP, leave the map after killing an enemy, and return after a few seconds to take them out once again.

4. Use The Crafting System

Demonic Savior has its own crafting system like other related action/RPG games do, and it could be a great alternative to buying items, as well as a nice way to get yourself the best items possible. In fact, the best items in Demonic Savior can only be acquired through crafting, so this is something you’ll want to take into consideration, especially in later levels.

5. Bags Increase Your Inventory

There are a few ways to get bags in Demonic Savior. One way is to buy from non-playing characters. You can also find bags while hunting, though the chances of doing that are pretty slim, to be honest. Either way, you should get yourself some nice bags, as that’s going to allow you to store more items in inventory and save you the hassle of going back to town so often.