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Where is miltonius in aq

TIME :2022-07-03
Where is miltonius in aq

/join citadel from anywhere in the game
  1. Go right.
  2. Go into the right tunnel.
  3. Go right.
  4. Go right.
  5. Go into the portal.

You are now in terces. You'll have to defeat 50x dark makai to get to Miltonius and company. You'll also have to have:

Aracara Fang - Dropped by Aracara
Escherion's Chain - Dropped by Escherion
Hydra Scale - Dropped by Hydra Head
Giant Undead Tooth - Dropped by Odokuro's Head
Strand of Vath's Hair - Dropped by Vath
50x Cubes
50x Bone Dust

To get to Miltonius:

  1. Top Right
  2. Top Left
  3. Bottom Right
  4. Top Left
  5. Bottom Right
  6. Top Middle
  7. Top right
  8. Top Middle
  9. Top Right
  10. Top Middle
  11. Top Right
  12. Top Left
  13. Top Left