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How do you make a video game disk

TIME :2022-07-03
How do you make a video game disk
Making video games can be complicated and confusing, but if ur willing 2 commit, the rest is easy. Just go to and download Gamemaker. If you get the free version you can make 2-D games w/ a couple limits, but remember, many 2-D games r professional. If u get the Pro version, you can make 3-D games too! It costs more money, though. To get ya started, sprites are any image besides a backround. A background is what anything walks or moves on, but it's just an image. Rooms r what makes everything happen as well as objects.

As 4 how long, it can take years to make video games BY YOUR SELF. I dnt do it, but some ppl group together and make what can actually be a company, no matter how old you are.
If it's an arcade game, it depends. It can take a year max to make it if it's many rooms long. If it's like PAC man, it can take maybe a couple months. If it's as simple as one room clicking things, it would take a month or even a week.
Then once ur done, buy a CD at a department store. Put the CD in and select ur game as what u wnt on the CD. Just make sure u dnt make it an audio disk.