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Could you have PS3 codes for Metal Gear Solid 4

TIME :2022-07-03
Could you have PS3 codes for Metal Gear Solid 4
Yeah. The cheats are;

First go to options and select cheats.
write the text below and press enter

1aytmmymhk = Naked Snake's M1911 Custom
deskyhstyl = Meryl's Long Barrel Desert Eagle
mekakorkkk = H&K Mk. 23 SOCOM
mnsoymsyhn = The End's Mosin Nagant w/Tranquilizer ammo (EMO AMMO included)
pkhhnwhsjt = The Boss and Big Bosses' PATRIOT sub machine gun
tshsniammr = Liquid Ocelot's Thor. 45 - 70
jmsotsynrn = Chinese Type. 17 pistol
aottrykmyn = Assassin's Creed Altaïr costume
dntkkhktmm = Drebin Face Camo
THOMAS = Desperate Chase Ipod song
GEORGE = Gekko iPod song
THEODORE = Midnight Shadow iPod song
ABRAHAM = Mobs Alive iPod song
smgo2play = Subsistence Action iPod song

During Act IV, Otacon will ask you to enter a 5 digit code. Along with the original you can enter three other codes. Athough, the other codes are considered wrong to the computer and you will still lose one bar of the Psych meter. This can be done once per game session.

48273 = The original code, no effects will take place.
14893 = 100,000 DP
78925 = Opening - Old L.A. 2040" iPod song. This song increases Snake's accuracy.
13462 = Ending" iPod song.This song causes soldiers held by Snake to fall asleep when touched.