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Third Party Program Has been Detected

TIME :2022-07-03
Third Party Program Has been Detected
‎A hack program that not allowing you to cheat the game like the Grand Chase Online.. Always having this Problem.I also have this problem too but i have many Solution to Prevent this 3rd Party Program..Just follow my Instructions.I think this is only for GRAND CHASE!
How To Prevent 3rd Party Program:
* Right click Grand Chase or any Game that has [3rd party Program]
* Click Properties
* Find Target
* Scroll Down
* Delete the Notepads Named '''Crash Log''','''SD crash Logs''',or '''Any error Winrar'''
* Find Texture Folder Delete the Files in that folder.
* Restart Patching Your Grandchase Patch...
* And there is now '''NO ANY LOGS'''