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How do you get loads of gold on aqw

TIME :2022-07-03
How do you get loads of gold on aqw
Join Portalundead and talk to Cleric Dawn for a daily quest called "Fire Gem" and you will get the "Burn it Down staff" which sells for 12.5k Gold and the skeletal fire mages drop fire staff's that sell for 2.5k. /Join Portalundead again On Tuesdays and Fridays you can get a quest called "lodes of gold." you'll then /join Dwarfhold where you kill Chaotic Draconian's for "Cysero's Golden Yourgurt", which sells for another 12.5k. You can farm the black knight boss by /join greenguardwest completing the quest line or having someone summon you in party in which he'll drop 4 non-member and 4 member weapons which sell anywhere from 6-7k a piece and 3 have been known to drop at once, if your lucky! If you don't have enough people to do black knight boss you can /join Dwakel and talk to Cleric Dawn and grab her first 3 quests and kill the dwakel for parts. Each quest that you complete will give you an item and each item sells for 2.5k.

*The above answer is less than truthful

Well if you know Mini Miltonius you can accept a quest that drops item that you can sell, to get a ton of gold if you are lucky. Because he drops random things: like Voucher of Miltonius that sells for 250,000 gold and other items sell for a lot. But the boss which is the mana golem located at the map name /join elemental has over 30k health so be careful if your going to solo but usally there are people there helping kill it.
By: Bluemagefudge level 45 on aqworlds