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Video game addiction

TIME :2022-07-03
Video game addiction
A video game addiction happens when a person puts a video game before anything else in the world. This can happen in a number of ways, a person doesn't know when to quit and do something else, a person really likes a video game (way to much), that is just a couple of ways (there is probably an unlimited amount of ways someone can get addicted).
Here is a number of way to stop the addiction:
1. Realise that you should do something else (like play a game of catch).
2. Make some sort of intervention (a group of people telling a person that they have a problem and they need to stop), but I would only do that in EXTREME cases.
3. Take video games away from the person (or people), so that they can't play the video game (it might also help if you take a computer away from them, because they can play on-line games, and torrent games).
That is just a number of ways to stop them from being an addict (you could think of some way on your own, its not that think of ways to stop....unless you are the addict).
P.S. There is a difference between being an addict and playing a lot of video games.