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What is a better explanation of error 202 in wow

TIME :2022-07-03
What is a better explanation of error 202 in wow
Error 202 in WoW means that it didn't process through. If you call blizzard and they put the billing info on their side and it doesn't go through try putting the last 4 digits of your credit card in the zip code slot.

UPDATE FROM ANOTHER USER: Used the suggestion above and it worked for me, thanks.

Ok I want to finally explain what Error 202 is about in World of Warcraft. So listen up. The first thing the payment processing system checks is that your ip address matches up to the zip code you're entering, this is to prevent stolen cards from upgrading accounts.

This happens before it even hits any sort of authorization. If you're out-of-state you will get error 202, don't worry this did not bill your card. One possible work around would be to find a proxy within the area of the zip code your entering. This would by pass this fail safe. Another work around is to login to your banks website and change the zip code to where ever your at, then change it back when your back home.