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What do you do with the awesome you get on ninja kiwi

TIME :2022-07-03
What do you do with the awesome you get on ninja kiwi
Besides being Awesome, what good is Awesome?
When other players view your profile from the leaderboards, they will be able to see how much Awesome you have, and we plan to have leaderboards that track players with the most Awesome over a given time period (day, week, etc). Your Lifetime Awesome is effectively a reflection of veterancy and depth of play, and more Awesome will always be more awesome. Our plan is to do more than that, however, and allow you to spend your awesome to get cool content. This system is not built yet and plans for these items can and will change, but you might be able to spend Awesome on avatars, merchandise (t-shirts), custom wallpapers, and perhaps even game content.

How do I get more Awesome?
Indeed a question for the ages and one to ponder every day. On Ninja Kiwi, though, you'll earn Awesome by completing achievements within selected NK games (games that use the NK Login) and in the future for participating in specific forum discussions or site events. Our intent is that all future NK games will be Awesome-enabled, and we.ll do our best to make clear which games will earn you Awesome.