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Warbears What is the password to L4

TIME :2022-07-03
Warbears What is the password to L4
On the wall of 4A are a series of asterisks: first 9, then 7, then 6. They are the letters of the three words of the beginning of each level: headcrabs, decapod, baltar. That's the password for the next room.
Door in the 4B is open, so just enter 4C. There is a box, which open when you say anything. A red balloon with clock attached to it flies out the box. The answer is time flies.

In room 4D, say anything and a jack-in-the-box will pop open and say "Booh!" Your character must be surprised, so simply get a surprised face by typing in :O and the door will open.
In room 4E, different dummies will say things that show that certain of them are lying and some are telling the truth, so using logic you're supposed to come up with the answer. You deduce that E and F are telling the truth and that A is lying about not having the right answer. Thus, you take A's number, 7, and multiply it by 8. The answer is 56. If you say anything other than the answer, the floor will crumble and you will get sent back to the start of the second floor.
In the next room, you will find Bartender Diary, Page 7, 2 doors, a big hole in the wall and a hint in the floor: 12 feb 2021. If you enter in the hole at the wall, you will find a broken robot. She will ask you to find her painting's name, in exchange to open one of the doors of the previous room. The name of the painting is The Scream. This room has also an opened door to the next room. There you will find room 4Z, which has a dog house, a screen, and an opened door to the last room, but if you go there, you find you can only access Bartender Diary, Page 8 and a broken tube that brings you back to the entrance of the shack.
Going back to the room that has the 12 feb 2021 hint, if you have said the name of the painting to the robot, you'll see one door opened, enter and just open the chest to win more 250 credits. To proceed to the next room, transform the hint in numbers and you will obtain 1202 2021, a palindrome, the password to the next room.

The room 4G is hardworking. You'll see a Japanese inscription on the wall, and many letters and black boxes in the floor, wich is a sudoku. Solve the puzzle and give the letters that are missing: ecibfdceiaaibchfceadgbfcedbh gaigafdbaedgfdcbh all together. without the spaces.

In the next room, 4H, you'll find the sequence 3 1 1 5 0 2 8 13 21 in the wall. Unscrambled, these numbers forms the Fibonacci numbers, which is also the password, but, as the numbers are scrambled, you need to scramble the password too: nibafocci.
Next in Level 4I you will see a familiar sun symbol. /clap to open the panel and reveal an island paradise. The only thing abnormal is a red dot on the palm tree leaf, also known as a: dead pixel. The floor will cover with lines, and as you probably won't want to go through the trouble to decode them from binary: I'VE SOLVED ALL THE RIDDLES,LET ME PASS!