Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Puzzle Solutions Guide

TIME :2022-07-03
Rise of the Tomb Raider (3)  

Rise of the Tomb Raider takes around 40 hours to reach 100% complition rate, but it will take even longer if you find yourself stuck on a Tomb Puzzle. Throughout Rise of the Tomb Raider you will come across different areas hosting puzzles for you to solve.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb Puzzle Solutions

You will find tomb puzzles in Glacial Cavern, Soviet Installation, Geothermal Valley and The Lost City. Below you will see solutions for Tomb Puzzles, divided by area.

The first one we’ll discuss is Glacial Cavern and the Ice Ship.

Glacial Cavern

Ice Ship<
When you enter the Cavern, Lara will notice Frozen Galley but has not way of reaching it, or does she? You will notice a wooden post to your North that will you jump on the ledge. Now climb up the ledge and move towards the Frozen Galley. Cross the ledge and make the jump towards the mast of the ship.

Try and reach the platform that is secure as soon as you can. You can find a document on the deck after you turn the crank on the platform. By now you will know about the Makeshift Pendulum, once it comes to rest Lara should jump off of it. Afterwards, use the climbing section to reach an even higher point of the ship.

Now, you will need to lower a bucket to the left using a crank. Of course, you will have to jump onto the bucket as soon as it rises but make sure it doesn’t get too far or you will fall down. After a short sequence, some ice will break which is your way up.

Go on top of the ship to find what you’re looking for. Lara will also learn of a new skill called ” Ancient Abilities.” Zip Line down and you’re done.

Soviet Installation

The Red Mine
This one takes place in the Copper Mine building. When you climb up to it and reach the area where Lara learns how to make Molotov Cocktails. You will first have to finish this area and to reach the tomb, climb a small ramp. You will notice a ledge behind you, jump!

From here, move over to a gap taking you to the higher floor of the building you already cleared. Now drop Lara and you will find weapons and ammo in this location.

You will come across a locked area which needs to be opened via a console to the far side of it. Once you use the console, a heavy door will open that will give you access to the copper mine.

Enter the main tunnel and look for a Archivist Map to left. You’ll find it before the junction.

Take the route on your left that will take you further inside the mine. You will come across a divide but use a zip line to cross it. You will need to leap for the white section of the rope on the zip line, so keep that in mind.

The good news is that even if you fall down Lara won’t die, there is a way to climb back up so just look for dry land.

Anyways, let’s move forward.

Zip to the bottom of the line and go through the lower mines. A linear path will take you to blocked cave-in, use the Molotov to clear the area and Lara should be able to slip under the rocks.

Once you reach a small gap you will notice a platform on the other side of it. Jump to the platform next to the waterfall. Another short sequence will trigger giving you a minor heart attack but you’ll survive and so will Lara. Now, after the sequence head to the room that has many crate and bottles.

Move on and you will come across a cloth barrier but another waterfall makes it impossible to destroy it. You can throw a Molotov over the broken pipes to see the flames drop down to cloths to clear the obstruction.

Move through the water and take the next left before jumping to a dark corridor. You will find some useful items around the area so keep your eyes open. You can also use your Survival Instinct to see better in the dark.

The corridor will take you to the central cavern that leads to a base camp. Continue into the mine and jump to a platform that is going to break when you hit it, but not to worry, it’s just another Tomb Raider moment.

Climb up and you will see a waterfall similar to the one you handled with a molotov before. Leave it be for and use a ramp to reach the higher platform. Jump onto a container from the outside platform which will cause mine carts to move down the track and temporarily.

Shoot the rope front of the second cart, you can use your survival instincts to find the rope. To solve the puzzle, your goal is to block the water.

You have to climb up the rooftop of the main building and find a rope to connect the minecart. Connect the cart to the building and come back to the ore container.

Once you jump onto it, the cart will smash into the building blocking the water. Use a Molotov to ignite the cloth and enter the building.

Voice of God
There is cave entrance at eastern edge of the map. Look for an entrance that is blocked by wood and ropes. Lara will need to find a rope she can use to enter the cave.

Find the rope and use it to enter the cave. After going through some hoops, you will come across a tomb puzzle. In order to solve this one, you must first do something about the blocked off gate that is controlled by a counterweight.

Use the counterweight for the front door, lower it with a crank and climb on top of it to reach a room on the right. You will notice another crank which Lara can use by attaching a Rope to it.

Crank the weight towards you and wait for heavy winds to blow before cutting the rope or releasing it via the mechanism on the right.

The weight smashes into the frozen counterweight, freeing it from the ice. Get back into the main room by smashing a nearby wall. Now raise the gate to get to the Codex, exit the building and create a zip to get down. Pages: 1 2