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Effort Value (EV) Training 201: The Where and How of them

TIME :2022-07-03

Effort Value Training is important for anyone who starts to battle competitively in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I can only focus on one game because to do otherwise is to take up far more than I could manage. This element enhances a lot of what the Pokemon is and helps it specialize into specifics roles. Anyone who’s played and had one of their Pokemon fight a good number of any one given species of another Pokemon may have noticed a sharp spike in one of their creature’s stats. This is because of EVs. This guide I’m going to gear toward the fastest, most efficient manner of gathering the EVs, aiming to completely the training quickly to be followed by Power Leveling.

So you’ve got it in your mind to start the EV training of a specific Pokemon. First, you’ll want some way to document and do the math for all the EV training. All this is mentioned in the EV Training 101, but a good recap is always useful. As there is a total of 510 EVs one can distribute to their Pokemon’s various stats, there is likewise the 255 per stat cap. A good way to kick start the EV training is to use the Vitamins to cover the first 100 EVs of any given stat. I will list some Pokemon and their EV value at the start of each section. I will then follow it up with my own training method. Mine is focused on expediency, getting the most out of any one area in the least amount of time. I got this information from various sources (There is a decent EV Hotspot training guide at which was the inspiration for this part of the guide)

Different Pokemon are worth different EVs and as such by fighting and beating specific Pokemon it’s easy to quickly acquire the max 510 EVs. The general pattern to the whole actually scales with the Pokemon’s evolutionary stages. The First stage is woth 1 EV, the Second 2 and the Third 3.

As an example, Starly and Staraptor. Starly is worth 1 Speed EV while Staravia is worth 2 EVs.

As much as this is a pattern, it is also broken, such as Bidoof and its evolution Bibarel giving completely different EVs.

Getting Rid of EVs:

This is very simple to do and easy to manage. There is a set of berries that will decrease the amount of EVs that a Pokemon possesses. These berries also have the benefit of making the Pokemon who eats them happier, giving them a few functions in the game. The berries work in two different ways: They lower the EVs down to 100 (when over 100) OR they decrease the EVs by 10 (when below 100).

Keeping this in mind, to strip a Pokemon of 255 EVs you’ll need 11 berries.


Bidoof: 1, Shellos: 1, Wooper: 1, Gastrodon: 2, Quagsire: 2

Route 201: Bidoof, lots and lots of Bidoof can be found here. These are all level 2-3, very easy to start. This is where I do my own HP EV training.

Attack EVs:

Shinx: 1, Machop: 1, Snover: 1, Kricketune: 2, Bibarel: 2, Machoke: 2

Route 212: Kricketune and Bibarel are decently common here, okay levels. I use this place when I'm training attack.

Defense EVs:

Geodude: 1, Onix: 1, Hippopotas: 1, Graveler: 2, Steelix: 2, Hippowodon: 2

Ruin Maniac’s Cave: Just Geodude and Hippopotas, about level ~20. I use this location because ALL you encounter are Geodudes and Hippo. Throw on the Power Belt and have at.


Speed EVs:

Rattata: 1, Spearow: 1, Pichu: 1, Starly: 1, Zubat: 1, Golbat: 2, Fearow: 2, Raticate: 2

Route 201: Level 2-3. Mixed in with the Bidoofs are Starly, in fact, that’s all you’ll see there, Starly and Bidoof.

Trophy Garden: Level 15-20. Good for the Pikachu, Pichu, Staravia, sometimes more, depending on the day. A good place for the earlier parts of EV training.


Special Attack EVs:

Gastly: 1, Haunter: 2, Gengar: 3

The Old Chateau: Level ~20. I love this place for doing Special Attack. All you encounter will be Gastly, (Haunter and Gengar with a GBA Pokemon game inserted). I consider this an ideal place to EV train Special Attack.


Special Defense EVs:

Tentacool: 1, Tentacruel: 2

Water: Just Surf around, you’l’l find these fellows in good supply. The levels flux a good bit, but these two are the best because of how common they are.