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Pokemon Trading Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Pokemon Trading Guide:
Entering the Trade Room
In the Union Room
Trading For Evolution
Giving Pokemon Items
The Catch of Trading

Taking a minor break from more factual guides create something designed to help people get the hang of the Pokemon Universe and all the features found within. Throughout the various guides I’ve written, I’ve talked about the process of trading Pokemon between games. As I mentioned in Evolution 200, this is one of the oldest methods of evolving Pokemon, right up there with the stone-based evolution (as they both come from the first generation games). While at heart it remains the same much of the process has changed greatly, adding a lot more complexity and flavor to the process. In the second generation of Pokemon (Gold/Silver/Crystal), was when the first Pokemon gained a Trade with Item Evolution. This has since become a much bigger stable of the series than just the few who initially evolved that way. This is a great way to move items and Pokemon between games

Entering the Trade Room:
There is one prerequisite, which is you need at least 2 Pokemon in your Party to Trade.
As always, the process is straight forward:

1)    Enter ANY Pokemon Center (or the Elite Four Building).
2)    On your left, you will see some stairs go up them
3)    Make sure you have 2 Pokemon in your Party (can’t cite this enough)
4)    Talk to the person at the middle desk
5)    They will ask if you want to trade, say yes (and potenially
6)    They will ask if you want to save your game, say yes

In the Union Room:
Once in the Union Room, all you need to do is talk with the other person and you can start the trading process.

1)    Talk to the person you’re going to trade with in the Union Room
2)    Whomever talks first, will be giving a list of options, select “Trade”
3)    Once “Trade” has been chosen, select the Pokemon you want to trade, you’re friend will need to select theirs
4)    The game will ask to confirm the trade, if this is what you agreed to, say “Yes”
5)    The trade sequence is initiated

Trading For Evolution
There are 2 different kinds of trade-based evolution;

1)    Simply trade to any other game cartridge and once they arrive, they will evolve.

These Pokemon are:
Kadabra --> Alakazam
Machoke --> Machamp
Graveller --> Golem
Haunter --> Gengar

2)    When you are trading the Pokemon they need to be holding a particular item, once they arrive, the item will be consumed to trigger the Pokemon’s evolution.

These Pokemon (and their items) are:
Seadra (Dragon Scale) --> Kingdra
Poliwhirl (King’s Rock) --> Politoed
Slowpoke (King’s Rock) --> Slowking
Onix (Metal Coat) --> Steelix
Rhydon (Protector) --> Rhypieror
Syther (Metal Coat) --> Scizor
Electabuzz (Electirizer) --> Electivire
Magmar (Magmarizer) --> Magmortar
Porygon (Upgrade) --> Porygon 2
Porygon 2 (Dubious Disc) --> Porygon-Z
Duskull (Reaper Cloth) --> Dusknoir
Clamperl (Deepsea Tooth) --> Huntail
Clamperl (Deepsea Scale) --> Gorebyss

Giving a Pokemon an Item:
This is a very simple and straight forward process to explain. There are 2 ways get a Pokemon to hold an item:
1)    Through the Pokemon Option on the in-game menu, select the option “give”, then choose the item. This should present the option to confirm giving the Pokemon the item, choose “yes”

2)    Go into your Bag/Backpack, find the item you want to give the Pokemon (this can only be an item from the Battle Items, Poke Balls of any kind, Medicine, items). Select the item, on the menu, it will have the option “Give”. Choose “Give”. Select the Pokemon you want to hold the item.

The Catch of Trading:
Trading, obviously, can unbalance the game if done early. An example of this is someone having 2 cartridges and moving one of their lvl 100 Pokemon onto the new cartridge to speed along the process. Good idea in theory, however, the game has been programmed to account for this. As you play through the game, you gain Gym Badges. Some of these badges increase the level of which Pokemon you can control. This ONLY applies to Pokemon which one has gotten through trades. You could raise a Pokemon to lvl 100 in its original game and be able to control it fine. If you trade a Pokemon that’s lvl 100 to a game where the trainer does not have all the needed badges, the Pokemon will refuse to listen to them. Only when the trainer has the appropriate badge will the Pokemon of the corresponding level listen to the trainer.