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Pokemon Platinum Trophy Garden Guide

TIME :2022-07-03
Manipulation of Mr. Backlot
The Initial Pokemon
National Pokedex Pokemon

The Trophy Garden, located off Route 212, is a great source of many Pokemon that are very hard to get otherwise. While initially the Trophy Garden is of limited use, once one has clear the Elite Four and completed the Sinnoh Pokedex many Pokemon become available by talking with Mr. Backlot. It is a common practice to play around with him to get a specific Pokemon. This is also one of the only ways to get more Eevees and other select Pokemon. This man loves to brag about what Pokemon come into his Trophy Garden. This can be used to your advantage in a great many ways, as this is how you will gain access to the Pokemon unique to the Trophy Garden. With a little time and some patience, you could have Eevees and Chanseys running around in the Trophy Garden.

Manipulation of Mr. Backlot
The Soft Reset:
This trick is easiest to do with the use of a Soft Reset. To Soft Reset your Pokemon game, press and hold L+R+Select+Start. This will take you back to the Title Screen of Pokemon Platinum. With this, you will not have to Hard Reset your DS, where you turn your DS off then turn it back on. This is a huge time saver, as you can expect to do this at least a dozen times unless you get lucky early on.

The Manipulation Procedure:
Mr. Backlot is in the first room on the right hand side of the Pokemon Mansion.
Before you talk to this man, SAVE YOUR GAME!
He will brag a bit, just say “Yes” to both questions he asks or he won’t move on.
After the second question he will claim a particular Pokemon will come into the Garden, walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek. The butler will disagree, then Mr. Backlot will have a quick aside then claim he always tells the truth as the Butler leaves the room.
If the Pokemon kissing him on the cheek is not the one you want, Soft Reset your game and try again
Any Pokemon he mentions in the Trophy Garden will stay there for 2 days. This allows for some overlap the next day when one can repeat the procedure to add a second Pokemon to Trophy Garden.

The Initial Pokemon:
By default only a small number of Pokemon are available in the Trophy Garden. They are: Pichu, Pikachu, Roselia, Staravia, Kricketune

National Pokedex Pokemon Platinum:
Once you acquire the National Pokedex, the number of Pokemon you can encounter increases notably, from five to twenty one, but only by talking with Mr. Backlot can you gain access to these Pokemon:
Eevee, Bonsly, Happiny, Meowth, Cleffa, Clefairy, Igglybuff, Plusle, Minun, Jigglypuff, Ditto, Castform, Mime Jr, Marill, Chansey, Azurill

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