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Pokemon Platinum Gym Guide Series: Oreburgh

TIME :2022-07-03
Pokemon Platinum Gym Guide Series: Oreburgh

While originally intending to be a complete guide on its own,  the time required to reach and clear each gym proved more than anticipated. As Pokemon information is important  and in high demand, a detail  account of each gym will be uploaded and made available as soon as possible. Especially with Heartgold and Soulsilver just around the corner, it is a paramount concern to finish the coverage of Platinum, Diamond and Peal to prepare for the next set of games.

Roark’s Gym, as the first is also very simple. Inside, you have the option of two routes.  This gym is very much Rock and Ground Type Pokemon. If you have a Budew, Turtwig, Piplup, Machop or another that is Grass, Water or Fighting type, and take some time to get it up to about level 10. If you have a Chimchar, unless it has some Fighting Type moves, which it can learn at level 16 when it evolves into Monferno, it is better off on the sidelines for this round and using one of the Pokemon above. In a way, Chimchar, for its delayed entry, is slightly better off as at level 16 it learns Mach Punch, a priority Fighting Type move. This gives it a serious edge against all the Pokemon you would encounter in this gym. Again, this is only feasible once Chimchar evolves into Monferno and learns Mach Punch.

The “Short Cut”
One takes you directly to Roark and is considered the longer way. You access it by going up the stairs that you see behind the left-hand statue by the entrance.

 The Other Way
This way has two trainer battles, but is a straight line to Roark. Just keep going up the stairs and fighting your way through.

Trainer 1:
Geodude lvl. 11. Tackle, Defense Curl

Trainer 2:
Geodude lvl. 9    Tackle, Defense Curl
    Onix lvl. 9    Harden, Tackle, Rock Throw

Gym Battle One versus Roark
Roark:     Geodude lvl. 12    Rock Throw, Stealth Rock
    Onix lvl. 12    Screech, Rock Throw, Stealth Rock
    Cranidos lv. 14    Leer, Headbutt, Pursuit

Of the many times I fought this Leader to gather information, I found he will generally open quickly with Stealth Rock.  He also seems to have 2 potions at his disposal. Stealth Rocks does damage to any Pokemon entering the battlefield making it important to have the Pokemon needed out and on the field either before or shortly after the Stealth Rocks go down.  Aside from that, these Pokemon are played very aggressively. Most of his Pokemon have Rock Throw, a decent Rock Type move, which will pulverize a Fire, Bug or Flying type Pokemon. More often than not, Roark will attack with Rock Throw. Attacking with Special Type attacks (like Absorb or Bubble) will devastate Roark’s Pokemon, as Rock Pokemon generally have lower Special Defense.

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