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Pokemon Platinum Gym Guide Series: Eterna City

TIME :2022-07-03
Pokemon Platinum Gym Series: Eterna City

After Oreburgh, this gym proved to be very easy to get started in. After meeting with your rival, you can head to the south part of town and find the Gym with Gardenia waiting for you outside. She says that a speedy boy came in and told her about a strong trainer coming. She also explains the rules of engagement for this gym. To battle her, you need to defeat all the trainers in the gym. As you beat the other trainers, the flower in the middle will spin, like a clock, and lead you to the next trainer. Just run across the arms of the device in the center to go from one trainer to the next. The fountains will also stop as you beat the trainers, giving you a chance to return to the Pokemon Center to heal and restore your Pokemon between the matches.

Pokemon Starters:
Piplup - As you are facing down a lot of grass types, you are at a disadvantage on defense. Even with Peck, you are counting on One-Hit K.O.s. Having some Flying or Fire Type Pokemon between 18 - 20 will put you in better standing.

Turtwig - No particular advantage or disadvantage here. On defense, you will be able to take hits very well, but all your grass attacks will be much less effective. If Turtwig knows Return, this will help a lot. Again, some Flying or Fire Pokemon to augment your ranks and give you a bit of an advantage in case you need it against some of the later trainers in the gym.

Chimchar - After the struggle of Oreburgh, the ease of this gym is a relief. If Chimchar knows Ember and Flame Wheel, you have nothing to worry about. Again, try to have it 18 - 20 to match and proceed to win over the Gym, earning the badge.  It could work as back-up for weaker Flying or other Fire Type Pokemon.

Trainer 1 Lass Caroline
Cherubi lvl. 17: Leech Seed, Tackle
Roselina lvl. 17: Stun Spore, Poison Sting, Mega Drain

Trainer 2
Budew lvl. 15: Stun Spore, Water Sport, Absorb
Budew lvl. 16: Stun Spore, Water Sport, Absorb
Budew lvl. 17: Stun Spore, Water Sport, Absorb

Trainer 3
Roselina lvl. 19: Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Poison Sting

Gardenia uses a little more advanced set-up. She leads in with Turtwig, who will put up Reflect, which boost her Pokemon’s Defense for several turns, then it will use Sunny Day, which increases the power of Fire attacks but also boosts the stats of particular Pokemon, like her Cherrim. After it does these two things, it will then start to attack and will renew Reflect and Sunny Day as they wear off. After this, she generally will change to her Cherrim which will Leech Seed/Stun Spore then proceed to attack with Grass Knot and Magical Leaf. Roserade is also a fairly aggressive Pokemon. Much the same of the Cherrim, attacking with Magical Leaf and Grass Knot, but sometimes using its other attack, Poison Sting. It also is holding a Sitrus Berry, so when it is low on health it can restore a portion of it. Lastly, she has two Super Potions that she can use over the course of the battle.

Turtwig lvl. 20 - Reflect, Sunny Day, Razor Leaf, Grass Knot
Cherrim lvl. 20 - Leech Seed, Safe Guard, Grass Knot, Magical Leaf
Roserade lvl. 22 - Magical Leaf, Grass Knot, Poison Sting, Stun Spore