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Pokemon Nature Guide

TIME :2022-07-03
Pokemon Nature Guide

Since their inception into the game in the third generation, the Nature of a Pokemon has become an integral part of battle strategies because of the effects have they on the overall statistic growth of any given Pokemon. Coupled with the proper Individual Value spread, giving the Pokemon a good base statistic spread. A good IV spread mixed with the proper nature augments statisics 20 to 30 points higher at maximum. In competitive battles, Nature is another factor that will determine the build of a Pokemon.

Each nature (with the exceptions noted below), increases one statistic 10% at the expense of another dropping the same amount. Not to say it’s always a bad thing. Some Pokemon are naturally strong in some areas while weak in others. It’s this knowledge which really powers most of the Nature choices for any given competitive Pokemon.

Poffin Flavor Favored:    Spicy
Lonely: + Attack, - Defense
Brave: + Attack, - Speed
Adamant: + Attack, - Sp. Attack
Naughty: + Attack, - Sp. Defense

Poffin Flavor Favored:    Sour
Bold: + Defense, -Attack
Relaxed: + Defense, -Speed
Impish: + Defense, - Sp. Attack
Lax: + Defense, - Sp. Defense

Poffin Flavor Favored:    Sweet
Timid: + Speed, - Attack
Hasty: +Speed, - Defense
Jolly: + Speed, - Sp. Attack
Naïve: + Speed, - Sp.Defense

Poffin Flavor Favored:    Dry
Modest: + Sp. Attack, - Attack
Mild: + Sp. Attack, - Defense
Quiet: + Sp. Attack, - Speed
Rash: + Sp. Attack, - Sp. Defense

Poffin Flavor Favored:    Bitter
Calm: + Sp. Defense, - Attack
Gentle: + Sp. Defense, - Defense
Sassy: + Sp. Defense, - Speed
Careful: + Sp. Attack, - Sp. Defense

No Effect on Stats:
Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, Quicky

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