Just Cause 3 Insula Dracon Liberation Guide

TIME :2022-07-03
Just Cause 3 [1]  

You must liberate some outposts in order to proceed along the game’s story. There are different missions which require liberation of certain outposts before you can complete them.

Just Cause 3 Insula Dracon Liberation

Liberating an outpost is as easy as it can be and requires destroying all military assets inside a base.

However, at times, you will be asked to complete other optional objectives as well which includes deactivating monitoring systems, freeing prisoners, opening gates for the rebel reinforcements, and more.

This guide basically details all the outposts that you can liberate in Insula Dracon in Just Cause 3:

Capite Est.

Espia Alta
You should fire some hard-hitting weapon from a nearby cliff before heading inside the base. You need to make sure that you hack into SAM network before acquiring a chopper and finishing large targets.

Once you see the tank come in, make sure to hijack it and deal with other targets. The commander, arriving near the very end, can easily be dealt with by throwing him off the chopper.

Guardia Capite III
Since there are no anti-aircraft defenses deployed on this base, you can easily bring in a chopper and demolish it. Alternatively, you can also hijack the tank inside and complete the job.

Vico Spigola
You need to toss a grenade at the statue or destroy it using an explosive, take out the speaker, and raise the flag near the speaker in order to complete the job.

Vico Thunno
This is as easy as it can be! Destroy the statue, destroy speaker, and the billboard in order to raise the flag.

You need to head inside a chopper and target the police station first while keeping your Havoc Meter to 100%. The two control panels in the base are located on the ground level and on the second floor. You should also consider calling in rebels for your aid.

Capite West

Arco Sperantia
You can either head inside a chopper and attack the police station or use everything at your disposal to destroy everything in sight and raise the Havoc Meter to 100%. Hack the control panel on the second floor and complete the job.

Guardia Capite I
Since there are no anti-aircraft defenses on this base, you can simply bring a chopper and flatten it in an instant. Make sure to target the antenna and have it fall on the birds nearby.

Guardia Capite II
You can either bring a chopper or hijack the tank inside to destroy the large fuel tank and flatten the base.

Platteforma Capite I
For this base, head to the upper level and use the Urga Vulkan in order to deal with enemy forces in the area. Once this is done, hack the two SAMs and flatten the base.

Porto Cavo
You need to hack into two SAMs on the opposite side of the runway, grab the tank, and destroy everything in sight before heading towards the cave. Use the parachute to head down below and destroy everything in sight to complete the job.

Corda Dracon

Corda Dracon: Centcom
Before heading in the base and dealing with the SAMs, you should try and dish out as much damage as possible from a distance. First, you need to make sure to destroy the central structure before diverting your attention to other things.


Since there are no statues here, you need to find and destroy three billboards and free up three prisoners from the cells in order to complete the job.

Guardia Mosses I
This is probably one of the easiest bases to liberate in the game. You can simply bring a chopper and flatten the entire base in mere seconds.

Guardia Mosses II
Even if you do not have a chopper at your disposal, you will find one inside the base. Simply get it or the tank and use them to flatten the entire base.

Guardia Mosses III
This small base lacks in SAMs so you simply need to fly a chopper inside and lay waste on it in order to complete the job. Alternatively, you can also use the mini-gun in order to complete the task.

Guardia Mosses IV
Although this area has a SAM, you can fly in low with a chopper and fire from a distance in order to trigger a chain reaction and complete the job.

Guardia Mosses V
The first thing that you need to do is to hack the SAM site in order to sink the military boat. After this, destroy the control tower and the satellite dish in order to liberate the outpost.

There is not much to destroy in this base. Once you are done with speakers and the propaganda van; you will have to deal with the police station which has four military assets to destroy in order to liberate the post.


Espia Bassa
For this base, you need to start off with controlling the Vulkan guns nearby and destroying the enemies and aerial reinforcements. Make sure that you continue to use your grappling hook in order to avoid airstrikes.

Another thing that you need to take care of is the commander who appears at the very end inside his tank. You can either directly encounter him using your own tank or throw him out and blast him with any of your preferred weapon.

Olivo Moro
You need to bring in a chopper in order to destroy the statue before heading out and destroying areas that you were unable to hit while inside the chopper. Once you open the gate, you will have four monitoring systems to disable in 01:29 time limit.

Platteforma Petra I
If you are unable to get your hands on a chopper, you need to deal with the SAM on the upper level and work your way around the deck. Make sure to use your parachute and grappling hook in order to destroy structures while keeping yourself safe.

Puncta Sud
The best way to liberate this post is to fly a chopper directly into the sitcom dish while constantly firing rockets and heading out at the last moment. From there, try to hijack one of the tanks in the area while constantly shooting your targets.

You will spot the commander at the very end that will be out in the open; parachute to him and let him have a taste of your rocket launcher.

Vico Tructa
This is one simple post to liberate – use an explosive, a couple of bullets, and finally raise the flag.


Guardia Trio I
This is another simple outpost to liberate. You can either take it to the air and run around with a grenade launcher in order to flatten the base in as less time as possible.

Platteforma Trio I
Since there are no anti-aircraft defenses available, you can easily liberate this outpost using a chopper and even if you lose yours, you can grab another one from the helipad inside the outpost.

You need to use a chopper in order to raise the havoc meter before the support arrives on the scene. Once this is done, head down to the police station, open up the two gates before freeing up the prisoners in order to complete the job.

Porto Darsena
Although extremely hard, you can possibly liberate this outpost using an attack chopper. In addition to this, do note that there are a couple of choppers inside the base as well. However, make sure to disable the SAM site or fly low in order to stay out of its range.

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