Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Upgrade Wonder Weapons to Lor-Zarozzor Arbgwaoth

TIME :2022-07-03

As many of you might already have noticed that if you try and Pack-a-Punch the Wonder Weapon Mar-Astagua in Shadows of Evil, the machine doesn’t accept it.

However, there is a little technique or glitch — as some of you might think of it –- that allows you to Pack-a-Punch the Mar-Astagua. I personally believe that this isn’t how Treyarch intended it to and the technique may get patched later down the road.

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In order to upgrade Wonder Weapons to Lor-Zarozzor Abrgwaoth, you need to head over to the Pack-a-Punch location and have another weapon on your in addition to Mar-Astagua. It doesn’t matter whether the weapon has already been Packed-a-Punched or not, the technique will work.

However, it’ll be better if you carry an original weapon instead of the weapon which has already been Packed-a-Punched. In order to Pack-a-Punch Mar-Astagua, simply approach the machine and PAP your original common weapon immediately followed by swapping to Mar-Astagua which will PAP your Wonder Weapon into Lor-Zarozzor Arbgwaoth.

Once upgraded, the Lor-Zarozzor Arbgwaoth will create a red teleporter instead of the purple one, will have 3x the ammo of Mar-Astagua, and the teleporter will last twice the original duration. Once again, we probably think this is a glitch which Treyarch might patch with future updates.

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