Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Glitches and Exploits: Invincible, Upgrades, Free Points

TIME :2022-07-03

There are a number of glitches and exploits that you can trigger in Black Ops 3 ‘Zombies Mode’ map, Shadows of Evil. These glitches and exploits cause you to become invincible, jump to round-15 without doing anything, and Pack-a-Punch weapons which are otherwise un-Pack-a-Punch-able.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Glitches and Exploits

This guide provides an overview of all the exploits and glitches that you can encounter in Black Ops 3 ‘Zombies Mode’ map, Shadows of Evil.

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Invincible Positions
There are a couple of positions which can be accessed by a simple jump. By performing these jumps, you’ll land on an invisible ledge which will allow you to shoot enemies without receiving any damage.

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to head down to acquire ammo, buy weapons, and much more because the glitch is fairly easy to perform. You can check out the video tutorial by ‘BloodThirstyLord’ since the actual position is kind of hard to explain:

Upgrading Wonder Weapons
In order to upgrade Wonder Weapons to Lor-Zarozzor Abrgwaoth, you need to head over to the Pack-a-Punch location and have another weapon on your in addition to Mar-Astagua. It doesn’t matter whether the weapon has already been Packed-a-Punched or not, the technique will work.

However, it’ll be better if you carry an original weapon instead of the weapon which has already been Packed-a-Punched. In order to Pack-a-Punch Mar-Astagua, simply approach the machine and PAP your original common weapon immediately followed by swapping to Mar-Astagua which will PAP your Wonder Weapon into Lor-Zarozzor Arbgwaoth.

Round Skipping Exploit — Free Points
After firing up the game, you’ll find yourself in a narrow alleyway. From your initial position, if you face the Junction and check the walkway above, you’ll notice the Shadow Man there.

Now all you need to do is to hit the Shadow Man five times using your default or any other wall weapon and you’ll instantly jump to round-5 with some decent points in pocket. If you’re still not satisfied, you can shot him again five times and you’ll jump to round-10 with some more points.

Finally, if you wish to jump to round-15, you’ll have to shoot him again until he disappears which will send you to round-15 with about 16,000 points in hand.

If you encountered any more exploits or glitches that we aren’t aware of, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!